Cathy Corison


Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

Decant for sediment and pour(decent chunky/fine sediment). A remarkable murky magenta color with bricking. On the nose: beautiful nose of stewed black fruit/currants, floral, herbaceous, burnt embers, spearment. Taste: classic old school Napa, juicy, balanced, savory wine with dark cherry, baking spice, smoke, sweet tobacco and a nice long earthy cocoa finish. YUM! Drinks well at year 20 and glad to have another bottle. — 8 days ago

Brenda Terzich-Garland
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Corazon Cabernet Sauvignon Rose 2020

Melon, early stone fruit, very limited acidity - opens beautifully. A mellowness that only comes with age. A surprising treat found at the back of our wine fridge. — 6 months ago

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Corazón Gewürztraminer 2005

Out of mag. Roses, lychee, banana oil, cardamom. Beautiful nose. Great acidity. Balanced. Just starting to show petrol on the nose. Honestly, not done aging. At 20yr, think it might need another 5-10. Wonderful wine. — 10 months ago


St. Helena Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

So impressed with this wine. Incredible. One of the best Napa Cabs in recent memory. So delicately balanced that I still can’t believe the decimation of the terroir in my palate. Everything is there: the dark fruit, oak, slight licorice and vanilla, high tannins and acidity, med alcohol, full bodied, etc. but the harmony in the palate is exquisite! It’s like an epiphany in your palate. — 7 days ago

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Scott@Mister A’s-San Diego

Scott@Mister A’s-San Diego

Yeah, it's nailed. Fruit. Structure. Nose. Body. A little something for everyone. Highly underrated.




Helios Cabernet Franc 2018

Deep Ruby color. Clean and rather lean aromas of forest floor, tobacco leaf, blackberry, red cherry, dried herbs, grilled meat, hints of vanilla and cedar. Quite ripe, long finish — 8 months ago

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Acappella St. Helena Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Cathy Corison

So pretty — 3 years ago

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Daniel Bloom

Daniel Bloom

Where’s this one from? (Not geographically) thanks 🙏


Gabbro Toscana Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

This is what every Cabernet Sauvignon should taste like. Despite being from Italy instead of California, this Cabernet has the richness of a Corison or other top Cabernet Sauvignon, but for less money. Deep intense stewed fruit to start with plum and blackberry, rich earthiness, chocolate and tobacco, then perfect tannins to finish. And aged just the right amount now to smooth out the tannins. Buy some if you can find it. At $67.50, this Cabernet Sauvignon was an extraordinary value. — 2 months ago

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Kronos Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2000

Bananas for different reason. From mag. — 2 months ago

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Corazón Wirz Vineyard Riesling 2021

Medium bodied and dry with some acidity. Subtle pear, peach, lemon. Very nice. — 9 months ago

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Helios Cabernet Franc Sunbasket Vineyard 2018

For those of you that like really nice Franc that is balanced, smooth and has finesse, this is for you! I absolutely loved this. The nose alone (florals and fruit) will captivate. Enjoyed over 3 days. — 3 years ago

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