Brenta Bräu

Flötzinger Bräu

Rosenheimer Märzen


A very nice Marzen beer. Balanced, smooth with good malt and a pleasure to drink. — 2 months ago

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Käuzle Helles Lager

Pineapple-colored with fungiform springing. Toad back lacing. Delightfully clean lemon and straw, light pretzel white mushroom, tangerine pith, and caper-berry nose.
Lime shines on entry, phyllo, croissant flake, dehydrated green bean, winter wheat, lemon, lemon pith and orange peel. Hard to deny this lager’s greatness. A joy to drink.

#käuzle #käuzlehelleslager #helleslager #helles #lager #beer #bier #biére #cerveza #feinstesbayerischesbier #bayern #einkäuzleuntersschnäuzle #seit1809 #KauzenBrau #Ochsenfurt #germanbier #deutschebier
— a year ago

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Tucher Bräu Fürth (Oetker Group)

Tucher Festbier

A little late for a Oktoberfest but I wanted to do this before October was over at least! The “official” beer of Oktoberfest. I had a great time at Oktoberfest in Munich several years ago and love to celebrate at home every year. Prost! 🍻 — a year ago

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Cheers! Haven't tried this. Looks fabulous!🍻
Sharon B

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@Trixie i really like German beer!

Masseria Coste di Brenta

Gocce di Passione Colline Frentane Pecorino Passito 2007

Vintage 2007 | Masseria Coste di Brenta | Pecorino Passito | Refined curiosity — 7 months ago

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Flötzinger Bräu

Hell aus Rosenheim

Merengue and styrofoam conspire on the tall, popping head which drops egg and dart to ant tunnel lacing. Pointillist plateau. Soda bread nose goes doughy with distinct yeast character, and lemon zest, uncooked cream of wheat, white potato and just-pulled garlic micro-note. Tremendous and astounding entry on sipping! This might be my ‘go-to’ hell!
Orange bread with notes of lemon; Hawaiian bread, evocations of custard and malted milk with brown sugar barley, just minus how sweet that might seem. Very beer core here with dried papaya dusting and candied grapefruit. Incredible.

#Flötzinger #seit1543 #privatbrauereiFranzSteegmüller #hell #hellausRosenheim #Rosenheim #brautraditionseit1543
#deutschebier #germanbeer #RosenheimDeutschland #Bavaria
— 10 months ago

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Cute picture!


Spaten OktoberfestBier


A real quality German Oktoberfest beer. Strong malt with the balance of hops, straw and light sugar one looks for in this type of beer. — 2 years ago

Masseria Coste di Brenta

Superiore Trebbiano d'Abruzzo

Vintage 2019 — 7 months ago

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Ettl Bräu

Teisnacher 1543 Festmärzen

Ibis sand art residue belies lively fast-fade start above cloudy unfiltered apple brown amber Festmärzen. Apple cinnamon shadows play across carrot bread, very spice-centric mix with nutmeg, bananas foster, vanilla, cedar, light tobacco nose. Tobacco entry on the palate is soft and perfectprelude to focaccia and piquant rosemary bread smooth cola-nutmeg and orange citrus. Tropical flavors are baked in.

#teisnacher1543 #MDXLIII #gebrautnachaltbewähtemrezeptnaturtrüb #ettelbräu #festmärzen #traditionellebraukunst
— a year ago

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Brenta Bräu


Pure. Refreshing. Flavorful. Taking a quick, one day beer break for this amazing Italian mountain beer from the Dolomites! Cheers 🇮🇹🍻 — 3 years ago

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