Vini Barbaglia

Boca Nebbiolo Vespolina 2016

Oh my…like a walk in mentholated, tarry, woody goodness. 80% Nebbiolo/20%Vespolina.
Now that’s brown, Garnet at the rim.
N: Saddle leather, Averna Cherries, Dead leaves, Compost, Pencil shavings, Just the most ever changing , rapturous nose. Transportive.
P: Mahogany,( can you imagine?) Blue fruits, terrific body, acid, tannin balance,
Chewy, raspberries and leather, beef bouillon.
This puts many $100+ Baroli & Barbarescos to shame. Depth, nuance, acids, all in place.
From @Fassselections 🙏2x the price from @eataly.
Thanks Lyle.
— 2 years ago

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Lyle Fass

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Yup. She’s so talented


Specialita Assoluta Caltanissetta Amaro Siciliano

1970’s bottle 🙌🏼💥🙌🏼 — 6 years ago

Paitin di Pasquero-Elia

Sorì Paitin Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2014

Pop and pour, first of 4 btls I purchased after the tasting. few years ago. Yum. On the nose: pure nebbiolo rose goodness, with a side of rosewater, blood orange. and soft green herbs. Still very primary, and a hint of heat, but lovely early-drinking barbaresco. On the palate: bitter medicinal herbs, rose water and blood orange with the latter dominant on the finish. Lovely finish with elegant, but intense tannin and bitter herbs..almost like light averna on the finish. Very good, but will certainly improve with time. — 3 years ago

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Really enjoy this producer, textbook stuff


Cream Liquer Il Cremaro

Guilty pleasure — 10 years ago

Ashley Grech
with Ashley



when my parents went to Sicily i asked for 'averna' and got this instead... much better!

an excellent amaro that i could not find info about on the interwebs...

33% abv 💪

pale strong brown 👀

candied brown sugar in a spice shop 👃

this is grown ups perfect 🍬

brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, citrus peel and pith, mint . and loads of other spices, most of them dried.

a bit syrupy. gorgeous after a meal.

or in a black Manhattan 🍸 (but that's a waste)

neat is the right option.
— 5 years ago

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Amaro Siciliano

Not so gloomy as my expression. Baking spice and lemonade. Need I say more? I might in my article (coming in August!) but for now I’m down. Mostly a mixer but damn. Yum. — 6 years ago

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