Quad Belgian Style Quadrupel Ale

Headless, and Spanish brandy in color. Chocolate and caramel with orange zest. Sweet cinnamon, amarula, cola and clove. Marmalade on toast and a slice of pumpkin pie in the nose in a thick malt mist. Rich and heady with raisins and brown sugar, toffee and cinnamon toast, but dark and decadent, oozing pecan pie between Turkish coffee and fig paste. Nuttiness prevails with burnt almond, pecan and maple nut. Tea and coffee meld with a distant lemon-orange and vanilla with a resin and acanthus finish. #Weyerbacher #quad #belgianstyle #Quadruple #abv #beer #ale #belgianamerican — a year ago

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Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Burning pine nettle. Juniper, cinnamon, allspice. Headlong tumble into a briar patch of allspice, mint, star anise, peppercorn, gunpowder tea, valerian root, sarsaparilla, tin can, juniper revisited, green dye. Burly offering. Tastes like a river full of cyborg Devils. #weyerbacher #pumpkinbeer #pumpkin #imperialpumpkin — 4 years ago