Quinta do Crasto

Superior Douro Red Blend 2016


Tripping. This is real wine. Red cranberry and red plum with eucalyptus and bay leaf on the nose. Fresh attack and pure crunchy red and black fruit on the palate. Delicious fine grain tannins and a real and not fake finish. Pure wine man. #douro #portuguesewine #portugal #crasto somewhat reminiscent of Tuscany but not so tannic. — 2 years ago

Rosario Molina
with Rosario
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Nature Pur Terroir Monção e Melgaço Alvarinho 2016

Mason Balistreri

Holy shit. Natural. NO SULFITES. Unfiltered. Tastes like homemade lemonade, fresh honey and orange blossom. Acidity is something special here with crazy texture. Cloudy as hell, but tastes clean and refreshing like fresh squeezed juice. Good body and just pleasantly bitter like the citrus pith. Not far off from Sicilian skin fermented muscat to be honest. 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

#Soalheiro #Alvarinho #nosulfites #naturalwine #PortugueseWine #PortugueseNaturalWine
— 4 years ago

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Luis Pato

Vinha Barrosa Vinhas Velhas Baga 2000

Mason Balistreri

Another Baga here. This one is aged. Very balanced and smooth, showing really well on the palate not that it's 18 years after it was made. Still in it's awkward teenage years for sure. There's a touch of a chlorine vibe with the aroma but the palate is slick and exciting. Shout out to the waitress who couldn't find the originally ordered vintage and botched getting the cork out. We paired it with grilled Dogfish and it cost about 15 euros.

#baga #wine #naturalwine #drinkingnatural #portugalwine#portuguesewine
— 4 years ago

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Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

Charme Douro Red Blend 2014


I love Charme. Subtle, layered finesse. Very expensive, too expensive. #douro #niepoort #portuguesewine — 4 years ago

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Moreira, Olazabal and Borges

Dão Encruzado-Bical Blend

Mason Balistreri

What a stunner. Beautiful elegance and precision. I love the interplay between reductive tension and fresh fruit. #portugalwine #PortugueseWine #daowine — 4 years ago

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221 Red Blend

Mason Balistreri

It reminds me - overall - of high quality Sancerre, but with different fruit expression. Plenty of acidity and freshness. Lemon zest and fruit aromatics. Good body and texture too. A nice wine. Interesting concept with two winemakers from two regions combining the same grape. This is the white wine by the way. #PortugueseWine #wine #naturalwine #drinkingnatural #portugalwine #whitewine — 4 years ago

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Henriques & Henriques

10 Years Old Madeira Boal

Raisins, candied carrots, fruitcake, oddly kerosene-sweet with a plethora of cooking herb scents and leather. Viscous and heavy mouthfeel buoyed by a citrus basket of orange peel, candied lemon peel, tangerine and lime, with cola, leather, bitter almond, cinnamon, ginger, and sarsaparilla. #henriquesandhenriques #madeira #Boal #portuguesewine #vinho — 4 years ago

Wine & Soul

Guru Branco Douro White Blend 2014

Mason Balistreri

Lot's of oak but in a way that is reminiscent of expensive and high quality chardonnay. Very reductive with match stick and popcorn showing. It's already a few years old but I would love to see it in another 5+ #portugalwine #PortugueseWine #daowine — 4 years ago

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Baga Clássico Red 2019

Mason Balistreri

They don't have this wine where I live. Not only that, but they don't even have a wine similar or made from the same grape. This is the Baga grape which is very much like Nebbiolo in that it's ultra acidic and tannic, but the fruit reminds me more of Bordeaux. Dark berry and plenty of color but the acidity is amazing. Aromatically, you can see that this needs some time to relax and open up, but it's already ultra intriguing. The fruit concentration is there but it gives off a much cooler climate vibe than most of the Portuguese wines that I've tasted so far. The fruit is slightly tart but the body is totally there. It's very elegant... or maybe I would say distinguished? It's also tannic as hell. I bought a few older vintages so I'm hoping that they will be equally as delicious but more developed. They say these go decades. Again, it's a total failure by the Colorado market that this or other Bagas are not distributed.

#Baga #Portuguesewine #Bairrada #NaturalWine #DrinkingNatural #ElegantWine #DeliciousWine #AgeworthyWine #Powerfulwine #ElegantWine
— 4 years ago

Raymond Domenico
with Raymond
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Dennis P.

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I'm thinking its too acidic for my taste, good read on the review.