Nature Pur Terroir Monção e Melgaço Alvarinho 2016

Mason Balistreri

Holy shit. Natural. NO SULFITES. Unfiltered. Tastes like homemade lemonade, fresh honey and orange blossom. Acidity is something special here with crazy texture. Cloudy as hell, but tastes clean and refreshing like fresh squeezed juice. Good body and just pleasantly bitter like the citrus pith. Not far off from Sicilian skin fermented muscat to be honest. 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

#Soalheiro #Alvarinho #nosulfites #naturalwine #PortugueseWine #PortugueseNaturalWine
— 2 years ago

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This is not a mind bending powerhouse of a wine. It isn't especially complex or sophisticated, but rather reflects the simplicity of the quaint countryside of Utiel Requena from which it hails. Named after the esparto grass native to the region, this Tempranillo is intricate in other ways: Grown on healthy, pesticide free vines surrounded by swaths of land solely dedicated to natural habitat and biodiversity. Little to no manipulation in the winery (no oak, #nosulfites, #nativeyeasts). And bet you didn't know that Bodegas Iranzo is the oldest estate winery in Spain dating back to the 1300s! So if you have expectations of a wine, this might not be the one for you. But if you appreciate authenticity and want to experience real #terroir, there's no better value on the market in my opinion. — 3 years ago

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Rosana Sotile

Rosana Sotile

@Jonathan Dunaway interesting history and review of our wine!
Jonathan Dunaway

Jonathan Dunaway

Very interesting!

Casa Barranca

Mira Laguna Vineyard Sangiovese 2014

Bright cherry notes and a sophistication that is sometimes lacking in #NoSulfites wines. Impressive new release from the folks at Casa Barranca! #Organic — 4 years ago

Château Lagarette

Cuvée Renaissance Red Bordeaux blend 2000

Dried currants on nose; mouth in balance. A classic Bordeaux profile; no bitterness or drieness on the finale. Not a big buyer of Gironde's wines usually but this tasting experience might change that a little #biodynamic #nosulfites #raoc #cabfranc — 3 years ago

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Biodynamic Mendocino Chardonnay 2015

Knowing the amount of energy that goes into #Biodynamic farming definitely makes me appreciate this wine even more. Luscious tropical fruit and a hint of oak. A nice example of a #nosulfites Chardonnay from the fine folks at Frey. — 3 years ago


Biodynamic Red Field Blend 2013

Gold at the 2015 Sunset Magazine Wine Competition! A solid release from the pioneers of #organic and #biodynamic wine making. #nosulfites — 4 years ago

Paolo Marcarino

Zero In Condotta Organic Piemonte Barbera 2014

Stewed black fruits, jerky, and pepper on the nose. Sturdy tannins, great mouth feel. Phenomenal #nosulfites wine! #organic — 3 years ago

Badger Mountain

NSA Organic Columbia Valley Chardonnay

Fresh and clean, bursting with tropical fruits! Quite nice for a #nosulfites wine. — 3 years ago

J. A. Balistreri Vineyards

Colorado Petite Sirah 2009

Mason Balistreri

Perhaps THE quintessential Balistreri wine, and also near the top of my list of canonically great Petite Sirahs. This has so much to give: ripe plums, minerality, wave after wave of acidity and tannins. The 09' used to be pretty tannic and grippy, but now it has softened into something irresistible. The most amazing part? No new oak. No Sulphites. No Filtering. #naturalwine #nosulfites #coloradowine — 4 years ago

Angelina DomenicoRaymond DomenicoKate Francis
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Partida Creus

Vinel.lo VN Blanco Garnatxa Blanca Blend

"Olive juice", she said. "A crystal geyser of intimate flavor a for the ages" , he said #nosulfites — 5 years ago