Siletto Vineyard Trousseau 2016

Earth is a tricky mother. Air carries all manner of agents of fermentation. Time is simultaneously a friend and foe. These are the fine lines danced around with this wine. Bright cherry and soft white pepper are counter-balanced by heady yeast and a bit of secondary fermentation. As much a wine of place as it is, for better or worse, of non-interventionist intent. Principles often have caveats. Personally, I enjoy it for its success as well as its “faults”, though I can understand how others may not agree. #noninterventionist #earthdowhatshedo #nativeyeasts #trousseau #californiawine #sanbenito — 2 years ago



This is not a mind bending powerhouse of a wine. It isn't especially complex or sophisticated, but rather reflects the simplicity of the quaint countryside of Utiel Requena from which it hails. Named after the esparto grass native to the region, this Tempranillo is intricate in other ways: Grown on healthy, pesticide free vines surrounded by swaths of land solely dedicated to natural habitat and biodiversity. Little to no manipulation in the winery (no oak, #nosulfites, #nativeyeasts). And bet you didn't know that Bodegas Iranzo is the oldest estate winery in Spain dating back to the 1300s! So if you have expectations of a wine, this might not be the one for you. But if you appreciate authenticity and want to experience real #terroir, there's no better value on the market in my opinion. — 3 years ago

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Rosana Sotile

Rosana Sotile

@Jonathan Dunaway interesting history and review of our wine!
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Jonathan Dunaway

Very interesting!