Old Vine Lodi Zinfandel 2013

Right from the start when you open the bottle and smell the cork, you will get the smooth oaky scents that are entangled throughout the wine.
Pour a bit of wine into a glass and swirl it around and around. Now take your nose to the glass and that rich oaky and vanilla flavour will pleasantly fill your airway.
Okay let’s get to the good part and sip, sip, hooray!
Swish, swish, bish and down the hatchet we go.
This wine will send you a slow yet full bodied flavour of cherries and spices then will develop into a man interesting deep tobacco and smoky aftertaste. This smoke flavour reminds me of the sipping Mescal from Mexico.
This wine also has lingering tannins that go well with the lingering taste. Yummmm!
I hope you can enjoy this wine as much as I have!
— 2 years ago

Pio Cesare

L'Altro Piemonte Chardonnay 2013

Love this Chardonnay from Piemonte. You really can't go wrong with this region. Super buttery, oaky, & freaking delicious. #chardonnay #wine #winelover #whitewine #buttery #oaky #mouthfeel #piedmontwines #piemonte — 6 years ago

Jorge Nobre Moreira

Pó de Poeira Tinto Douro Touriga Franca Tinta Roriz 2012

Great inky color. #Earthy with plummy aroma; weighs light on the tongue and has an easy #oaky roll off. Good lengthy finish with the tannins. Summary - a #Douro #terroir carrying #silky red. — 5 years ago

Seven Falls Winery

Wahluke Slope Chardonnay 2012

Mike Fifer

#Oaky #Chardonnay Unbalanced mix of vanilla, burnt wood, pear and tangerine. — 6 years ago