Cava Prudhomme

Nahual Valle de Guadalupe Cabernet Sauvignon Blend


All the #mexicano #mexican wines that I tasted from #valledeguadalupe were salty. Interesting how the soils and the irrigation with the desalination plant can really enter the wine. I was impressed by this wine. Wasn’t expecting this quality. #cabernetsauvignon — 9 months ago

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Jorge Ordoñez & Co.

Botani Malaga Dry Muscat 2012

Bright yellow. Full bodied. Citrus and papaya? On the nose. Instant fruit slam on sipping that quickly slides away for the palate to leave a clean dry sensation. 14%alc. served with fajitas ala #pinterest #mexican #spicy @momma_leslie loves her mexiCAN — 6 years ago

Leslie Pavan
with Leslie

Pagos Rodriguez

Cosecheros Valle de Guadalupe Tempranillo Cabernet 2011

My first-ever taste of #Mexican #wine. temperanillo x cabernet
@sgomezlarrea of @cosmenyc & I will do a live WORD OF MOUTH
#WOMshow @heritage_radio tasting 2pm Wed 12/3! #latergram #driiiiinks #delectableapp
salt, hibiscus flower, pine nut
— 6 years ago

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