Benjamin Leroux

Bourgogne Chardonnay 2011

Wine #400 goes to the man who broke my bank account and also the man who introduced me to the power of white Burgundy. You have the Lafon and Roulot’s of the world and then you have Leroux. the guy is able to create the right balance between the silky gossamer feel of white burgundy and the high salinity profile I get with some New age Cali coastal chardonnays. Leroux is someone I’d look out for and take his wines seriously. Between Mikulski and Leroux... you can’t find better bargains. — 8 months ago

Jack Thompson
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Bob McDonald

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@Arden Barnett Totally agree. Have become a big Leroux fan myself.

Bevan Cellars

Petaluma Gap Pinot Noir 2013

My 400th note!

I chose this because I thought it well represented where I have travelled through in the
@Delectable Wine world.

If two years ago, you'd tell me I'd be having a Pinot by a well known producer that was bought at auction, I would have declared you mad!

I have all of you to thank for your knowledge, humor, good will and penchant for showing off great wines (and some of you for, ahem, showing off more than wine!)

This was was not quite why I was expecting, but not in a bad way. Many notes described the power, over extraction and occasional burn. I think the extra year in the cellar has done this well. I found it to be quite pure but rich. Not overly extractive. A round mouthfeel with nice tannins. Raspberry and other red fruits dominate.

Cheers to my friends!
— 4 years ago

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Joe Lucca

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@TheSkip Cheers to your next 400! Hope to share a bottle in person sometime!
Ron R

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Sorry I missed this milestone @TheSkip. Not sure how this got past me 😏
Mike R

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Me too @TheSkip congrats 🎈

Tenuta dell'Ornellaia

Bolgheri Red Bordeaux Blend 2015

Paul K

Wine #400 in Delectable. That and Vday. Making it a good one. We really like this! Some time and the right meal would only improve!
Day 2 and this is a different wine. Perfume and florals with some coffee came out on the nose. The tannins melted into the background, fruit came out. Dark fruit, black currant, berries, a denseness - molasses like. Finish was a nice balance of that fruity molasses with sweet cherry tannins. Increasing from 94 day one to 96.
— 9 months ago

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Paul K

Paul K

Thanks @Sharon B i look forward to drinking them and seeing your reviews as well!
Paul K

Paul K

Thanks @Hugh O'Riordan . saved most for day 2. Thinking it’ll be even better.
Mike R

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Yabby Lake Vineyard

Single Vineyard Morning Peninsula Chardonnay 2012

Tasted after 2 days from opening. Perfect, has settled into its own. Quality oak integration with smooth buttery finish. #400 #milestone — 6 years ago

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Domaine de l'Île Margaux

Bordeaux Supérieur 2012

Well, I forgot to celebrate my 400th wine when it came around so I’ll celebrate my 403rd wine! 🎉🍷🎊. I bought this from a little foo foo French store in Del Ray Beach this weekend. It’s a bit earthy and very tannic but once it’s been decanted for an hour it’s pretty smooth. It’s a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec. — 3 years ago

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Sharon B

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@David L i believe this one was 403


Congratulations on your 400+ posting! Looking forward to your next 400! 🎊


Congratulations on your 400+ posting! Looking forward to your next 400! 🎊