Music and Wine: June 2020

Welcome to Delectable's column, Music and Wine! If you’re on the lookout for newly released music, grab your headphones. If you’re searching for a fresh bottle, grab your glass. And if you’re looking for the perfect wine to pair with that pop song you can't stop playing on repeat, then sit back, relax, and enjoy these Delectable tunes. Each month, we gather a playlist of newly released songs and pair them with wines that hit all the right notes. Listen on Spotify Now 1. Do It – Chloe x Halle Sister R&B duo, Chloe and Halle are back with their sophomore album, Ungodly Hour. From not apologizing for who you are, loving and being loved at your worst, girl empowerment, to love and temptation, Chloe and Halle’s album covers a wide variety of topics you face as a young twenty-something, if not well into adulthood. If you’re looking for a song that makes you feel good and exudes Friday night energy, check out “Do It”. From home covers to remote performances, the duo has been creatively embracing the reality of releasing a full album while in quarantine. Grab a glass of Jura Trousseau and watch their Today Show performance of “Do It”, which might inspire you to create your own music video on a nearby tennis court. 2. Echo – Katie “What have you done to me?” is the question that starts Katie’s new single, “Echo”. Trained in jazz at the Berklee School of Music and heavily influenced by R&B singers including India.Arie, “Echo” is a fusion of both genres and the ‘chill pop’ trend currently overtaking the streaming waves. It’s a love song buried in melancholic electro loops, intermittent guitar riffs and piano melodies. This record deserves a wine that’s just as smooth and sweet, such as a Piedmont Brachetto . 3. Hello Hello Hello – Remi Wolf Should we count how many times we say “summer tune” throughout this feature? Well it is the June playlist, so we think all songs should make you feel like dancing in the summer sun. That being said, “Hello Hello Hello” off of Remi Wolf’s newest EP is without a doubt a summer song. This song’s topic of conversation is a cheating partner, yet no notes of sadness or anger can be found. Remi sings so matter-of-factly and is backed by a simple, yet fun groove, so you can’t help but just roll your eyes at this cheating partner and go on with your day. You play this song on a hot summer morning, window open, and dance to it while you’re cooking breakfast. We don’t make the rules; this is what the song requires of you. Pop some Champagne and grab the orange juice because breakfast is almost ready. 4. Manic Monday – Green Day 90s rock darlings Green Day take on music legend Prince and 80s pop stars The Bangles in a recent recording of Manic Monday as part of Billie Joe Armstrong’s No Fun Mondays quarantine sessions. Done in collaboration with The Bangles’ Susanna Hoffs, the originally synth-driven record is transformed into a mellow rock tune with both Armstrong and Hoffs playing the electric guitar. While neither the original version nor this new take are anything to write home about, it’s a familiar tune that’ll certainly have you feeling nostalgic and should add some sense of comfort in such uncertain times. We’d suggest listening to this while sipping on a reliable Willamette Valley Pinot Noir . 5. Cold Feet – Tayo Sound Eighteen-year-old, Tayo Oyekan steps out into the music scene with his debut single, “Cold Feet”. It’s hard not to smile when listening to the lyrics that scream young love and summer flings. If you’ve ever met eyes with a stranger on a crowded train and started picturing your future life together or fallen for someone without even knowing their last name, then this song is for you. We’re talking to all our daydreamers, Pisces (any water sign really), writers, poets and that one friend who swears they are in love solely based on the fact that their new interest has the same favorite color as them. All jokes aside, “Cold Feet” embodies the joyous feeling of meeting someone new and the possibilities it could bring even when there are signals that this relationship might not work out. Whether it’s love at first sight or the fling ends after two weeks, grab a bottle of Côtes de Provence Rosé to join you for the ride. 6. Greed – Tash Sultana No one does groovy summer tunes quite like Tash Sultana. “Greed” is the second single off of their forthcoming album, Terra Firma set to release later this year. Contrasting past albums, Sultana moves beyond the solo looping techniques and embraces a full band that adds further depth and collaboration into the mix. What’s the adjective that so perfectly describes Sultana’s newest single? Smooth. The lyrics discussing how money shifts relationships are paired with a grounding bass and slide softly past you as you sway in a hammock, or as you sit on the beach with the waves crashing in the background, or as you dance hand-in-hand with a special someone. Whatever the case, “Greed” sets the tone for a chill dance party and relaxing summer evening with a Monterey Sauvignon Blanc in hand. Listen to last month’s playlist here .


Extra Dry Champagne Blend

About as classic as you can get, especially from one of the large champagne houses. The customary plethora of fine bubbles to go along with the light amber color in the glass. Roasted nuts get things started off on the nose but accompanied by chalk, brioche, and a variety of fresh red and blue fruits. Full and rich, she’s a substantial pour yet still lithe and generous. She’s also immaculately clean, poised, and precise. A bit more fruit forward than her peers, there is an abundance of pears, green apples, and lemon curd. Vanilla, pineapples, and biscuits come to play. This is an excessively pretty champagne. Definitely a few notches above the average. — 3 years ago

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🥂 very nice!
Willie Carter

Willie Carter

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Birbet Brachetto

Sweet sparkling red. Magic in a glass — 7 years ago


Côtes de Provence Tibouren Rosé 2017

Clos Cibonne is the best rosé. Change my mind. Classic, utterly delicious combination of stonefruit, ripe citrus, profound notes of sea salt, herbs de Provence, and lavender. Of course refreshing, but its textural complexity and depth make for an almost umami-like experience on the palate. Served with whole roasted branzino, garden vegetables, and Tuscan white beans on night 1 and homemade foccacia pizzas on night 2. Both meals in the running for food/wine pairing(s) of the year (so far). — 3 years ago

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Monterey Sauvignon Blanc 2016

The pale golden wine shows the oak fairly well, and offers a nose that shows an earthy twist on the expected grassiness. In fact, most Cali SauvBlancs I find are rather fruity smelling. This one has plenty of character. The mouthfeel is quite weighty for the variety, and has savory edges which frame the fruit perfectly. This is not a simple sipper or salad wine. It has gravitas and complexity. — 5 years ago

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Arbois-Pupillin Trousseau 2018

Lovely aromas of violet, wild strawberry and hard red candy. Light and elegant, but with a firm grip from the fine grained tannins. — 3 years ago

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Kelley Fox Wines

Maresh Vineyard Pinot Noir 2015

Just gorgeous—maybe my favorite yet from Kelley Fox. The old vines, elevation and pacific breeze of this site clearly contribute to an incredible elegance and transparency. Vibrant strawberry, rhubarb and black cherry with spice, forest floor and tilled soil. I don’t have enough experience to know how high end wine ages under screw cap but honestly it’s in a great place right now. — 4 years ago

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Haven’t had that producer, but love the Maresh fruit!