Cocktail Series: The Bramble

There’s only one thing better than a refreshing cocktail on a hot summer day. And that is a cocktail AND a snack to help keep the intense heat at bay. There are plenty of cocktails that come with a garnish acting as a little snack. You can have an olive martini. Bloody Marys have very elaborate garnishes. If you fancy a lime or lemon wedge as a snack, then you’re set with most cocktails out there; however, if you desire a summer cocktail with a summer snack, join us as we discuss the Bramble cocktail. Cue up your favorite 80s playlist because this cocktail is an 80s baby, making it one of the newer creations in our series. The Bramble’s creator, Dick Bradsell, crafted this blackberry elixir at Fred’s Club in Soho, London. It is said Bradsell made this cocktail by combining elements of other well-known drinks such as the Singapore Sling, the Cobbler, and the Gin Sour. Bradsell was inspired by his childhood in the Isle of Wight and the time he spent exploring brambles (blackberry bushes). In addition to blackberries, you’ll need gin , lemon juice, simple syrup, and crème de mûre . Bradsell intended for this to be served in a small old-fashioned glass. The order of assembly is also important. First, you must fill your class with crushed ice followed by the gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Fill that glass with more crushed ice and then slowly pour the crème de mûre over the ice. You can garnish with one blackberry and a slice of lemon, or you can throw a few blackberries in there for a lovely bite along with the beverage. Cheers! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Other Cocktails Perfect for a Summer Day: Mimosa Paloma Moscow Mule Gimlet Bloody Mary Pimm's Cup Aperol Spritz

Bombay Gin

Sapphire London Dry Gin 1761

One of the classic London Dry gins. Great for g and t and as martini. Quite assertive so maybe not for everyone. — 4 years ago

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My sister in law's preferred gin. 🍸


London Dry Gin

Anjoleena Griffin-Holst

Add a little pineapple, lime and cider for a great summer drink — 8 years ago

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Mûre Crème de Mûre Sauvage

Crème de Mûre - L’Héritier Guyot Experiment what my Love and I like most, a traditional Kir (with cassis) or (with mûre). The latter wins 😊 — 5 years ago

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Willem Jan Withagen

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Mure always wins, hands down. Much nicer firmer flavours.

G.E. Massenez

Crème de Mûre

Louis Schofield

Massenez rules — 11 years ago


Crème de Mûre Sauvage

Blackberry, smooth, slightly sweet — 6 years ago

The London Distillery Company

Dodd's Gin

Last of the good British stuff. — 7 years ago

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