Cognac Decroix


Great and strange French gin called Decroix that I picked up in November in Paris. Finished in Cognac barrels. Spicy, full-bodied. Would be good with an orange twist or in a Negroni. — 23 days ago

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@Michael Mugmon Sounds Great Cheers 🍸

Breakside Brewery

Limited Edition Bellwether

What a unique beer. The lime leaf and gin barrel really come through the funky wheat in such a nice way. Perfectly balanced. I could imagine this being even better in a year or two. Another winner from break side. — 2 days ago

Gracias a Dios

Gin Agave

Enjoyed at Gracias a Dios distillery on Jan 2, 2019 — 2 months ago

Christian Drouin

Le Gin de Christian Drouin

A valentines gift from my sweetheart. Sumptuously smooth with notes of apples, vanilla, citrus and a hint of rose petals. A great cocktail gin. — 9 hours ago

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Tyler Martinelli

Tyler Martinelli

Gin is the best!


Swanky photo! 🍸

Daumas Gassac

Moulin de Gassac Rosé Blend 2017

Good for tonic and gin or vodka — 16 days ago

Bombay Gin

Sapphire London Dry Gin

Preis: CHF 32.90 — a month ago

Two James Spirits

Barrel Reserve Old Cockney Gin

Same Juice as the regular Old Cockney, only Barrel Aged for 6 months. Same dark root and pepper notes as the regular, but with a burst of orange peel 🍊 — 5 days ago

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Cotswolds Distillery

Dry Gin Small Batch Release

Clear. Nose of minty, coriander, black pepper, and lavender. Taste of pine needles, carbonated water, juniper wood, dry, and a bit mineral. Aftertaste of some sweetness, like, spice, and lingering. Quite an interesting taste. — 22 days ago

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The British are coming...

Leaning Post

Niagara Peninsula Merlot 2016

John Wick and Neo are playing Gin Runny in the front seat of a cherry 1953 Buick Skylark convertible while parked in the living room of John Wick’s house. — 5 days ago