Cocktail Series: Gimlet

Calling all gin lovers! Are you a fan of citrus cocktails with a hint of sweetness but aren't too sweet? Is a gin and tonic your go-to cocktail? Or are you just in the mood for a simple cocktail that’s quick and easy to make? If you answered yes to any of these, then the Gimlet is the next must-have cocktail for you. While cocktail origins are almost always debatable, there’s a common theme that follows citrus based cocktails. Do sailors and scurvy ring any bells for you? As discussed when we told you all about the whiskey sour , scurvy is caused by a lack of Vitamin C and largely impacted sailors in the 19th century. To combat this, sailors seemingly mixed citrus with any alcohol they could find! For this classic cocktail, our sailors chose gin and lime. In 1867, Rose’s Lime Cordial was created to preserve lime juice without using alcohol. And there you have the basic recipe for a gin gimlet! You can grab a glass and mix Rose’s with gin, or if you don’t have Rose’s/want to make your own, you can mix gin, lime juice, and simple syrup. Throw some ice in there if you want! As with all cocktails, you can choose to substitute one liquor for another. Don’t have gin? You could make a vodka gimlet. BUT! If you want to stick to the classic, make sure to pick up a bottle of gin for this refreshing cocktail that is perfect for a hot summer evening. Cheers!

Tequila Ocho

Magueyera Tequila Reposado 2015

Basil, cucumber and lime gimlets .. made with Ocho Reposado 🥃🥃 — 3 years ago

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Black Forest Distillers

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin

Maxwell Burns

All that and then some. I don’t throw out 10’s a lot, but when I do... this gin is wild. The botanicals, the weight, the freshness. This may be the best spirit I have ever tasted. — 6 years ago

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Bombay Gin

Sapphire London Dry Gin

I tend to gravitate to less mainstream gins but this is a classic. Citrus, coriander and juniper. Refreshing and excellent with Fever Tree Naturally Light Tonic and a touch of lemon. Summer in a glass. — 4 years ago

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Raun Kupiec

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Completely agree. It’s my favourite for most of the time. Although Gin Mare with tonic and some basil or rosemary...


@James Forsyth Cheers 🍸
James Forsyth

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@Raun Kupiec sounds terrific. I'm all for doubling down on those savory notes.

Gin Mare

Mediterranean Gin

This gin is special. Incredible on its own. Perfect in either a martini or gin and tonic. — 9 years ago

St. George Spirits

Terroir Gin

Juniper, bay laurel, Douglass for, Saigon cinnamon, coriander, Angelica root, orris root, coastal sage and fennel. — 6 years ago

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Small Batch Handcrafted Gin

Passion tea cocktail. Gin, Chambord, passion fruit, lime, tehuaca. Grippingly sour from the passion fruit. Excellent. Cigar is a Partagas De Luxe. Nice leather and earthiness, but a bit hot towards the middle. 9.0. — 7 years ago

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