Cocktail Series: Mimosa

When the word “brunch” is mentioned, what scenario comes to mind? Stacks of pancakes and cups of coffee? Your favorite omelet? Getting together with friends? Debates on whether you should get a savory dish and your friend should get a sweet dish, so you can have the best of both? Whatever image you picture when you are planning, thinking about, or anxiously awaiting your weekend brunch, a certain beverage most likely makes an appearance. Get ready to start debating the ratio of orange juice to Champagne because we’re talking about the Mimosa. You’ve heard of a Mimosa, but have you heard of a Buck’s Fizz? Invented at the Buck’s Club in London, this cocktail was originally crafted with the exact same ingredients but a different ratio. For those who enjoy more Champagne and less orange juice, then you might be drinking a Buck’s Fizz, which is made with two-parts Champagne, one-part orange juice. Traditionally, Mimosas are equal parts orange juice and Champagne. A few years after the Buck's Fizz was created, Frank Meier is said to have created the Mimosa at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. If you’re not a fan of orange juice, then you can combine Champagne with whatever your favorite juice is. Love peaches? You can exchange the Champagne for Prosecco and add some peach nectar for a Bellini. How about strawberries or watermelon? You can make Mimosas out of those as well. But if you want the original, make sure you fill your glass with half Champagne and half orange juice. Cheers!


La Cuvée Brut Champagne Blend

David T

Always a refreshing starter & excellent QPR. — 3 years ago

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Luc Belaire

Gold Brut Champagne Blend 2000

Gift from Mandy. Enjoyed it in Mimosa and straight. Lively NY day celebration. Would buy again. — 3 years ago

Champagne Lallier

Grande Réserve Grand Cru Champagne Blend

Biscuits, brioche with lemon, ripe apple and some delicate mineral notes. Delicious and not over pretentious. — 6 years ago

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Grande Cuvée 163 ÈME Édition Brut Champagne Blend

Fresh and tasty. Lemon, slate, bright white flowers. Taught and precise. A bit dilute compared to the Cristal and tattinger Comtes preceding it. Very nice though. — 3 years ago

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Iron Horse Vineyards

Winter's Cuvée Chardonnay Pinot Noir 2014

A great mimosa needs great bubbly. Iron Horse always fills the bill. — 3 years ago

Bonnie Hodur
with Bonnie

Champagne Lallier

Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Chardonnay Champagne

A little sunshine for the darkest day of the year — 8 years ago

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Gruet Winery

Sauvage Zéro Dosage Sparkling Blanc de Blancs Chardonnay

A bit dry for us, but makes a perfect mimosa. — 3 years ago

Bonnie Hodur
with Bonnie

La Gioiosa

Treviso DOC Prosecco

Delicious!...especially in Mimosa. — 3 years ago

Champagne Collet

Brut Champagne Blend

Subtle sweetness on nose, buttery finish, lemon citrus — 6 years ago