Brut Classic Cuvée Sparkling Blend

Shay A

Weston hosted Friday group today and was it definitely a can’t miss tasting. Wow! Absolutely knocked it out of the park with heavy hitter after heavy hitter. Similar to Wednesday group, all wines are tasted blind.

English sparkler ladies and gentlemen! Coming on the scene hot. Most guessed French NV. I wondered if it was possibly high end west coast like an Ultramarine. Loads of apple here. Little yeast and chalk. Great texture and bubbles.
— 3 days ago

Weston Eidson
with Weston
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Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

Seen them around,but never had the privilege!
Shay A

Shay A Premium Badge

@Mark Flesher : Not sure of price point, but this was most excellent.


Blanco White Blend

Mason Balistreri

Natural wine from Chile?! Reminds me of Occhipinti's SP68 white which makes sense because it's the same grape. Amazing bitter quality that both adds texture and balances the aggressive perfume and orange peel aroma. Not really a full on orange wine but enough skin contact to put it into it's on category of weird and delicious. — 11 days ago

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Pierre Paillard

Les Parcelles Bouzy Grand Cru Champagne Blend

Base 2013, DD 05.2017
Груша, яблоко, желтая черешня, лимонная цедра, жёлтый грейпфрут, горькие леденцы, трава, нарциссы, белая корочка, тонкая меловая минеральность. Свежая фруктовость хорошо уравновешенна молодой вертикальной кислотностью, сухость выражена, но не чрезмерна. Энергично и в меру объемно, молодо, немного прямолинейно и резковато на финише. Чтобы прыгнуть выше норматива, чуть-чуть не хватает элегантности, непринуждённости и комплексности.
— 5 days ago

with Rin
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Domaine Pignier

G.P.S. D'Antan White Blend

GPS stands for gamay blanc (which is actually chardonnay's local name) poulsard savagnin. It's a white made partly with red grapes processed as white ones. The nose is very joyful and soulful: white flowers, white fruits, grape. The palate is a model of balance between the fruits (white fruits, white flowers, grape, lime) and the acid backbone that takes every single other element of the palate on tour. The finish is long , refreshing, fruity. You don't want it to end anyway! — 8 days ago

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Fundação Eugénio de Almeida (Cartuxa)

Évora Colheita Branco White Blend

Mason Balistreri

A very serious wine that has tons of acidity and clarity. There's a richness here that can come from only one thing: extensive lees stirring... And sure enough that's what they do. Very good wine that reminds me a bit of some burgundy. #portugalwine #lees#sisab — 6 days ago

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Herdade Do Rocim

Amphora Branco Alentejo White Blend

Mason Balistreri

It ferments and ages in clay and they leave the stems on the whole time, creating a natural draining system. Not as dark as I would expect but very much textured. — 7 days ago

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Fundação Eugénio de Almeida (Cartuxa)

Pêra-Manca Évora-Alentejo White Blend 2015

Mason Balistreri

Elegant and structured. Soft, barely ripened citrus fruit and a rich, textured mouthfeel. — 5 days ago

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Johan Vineyard

Vin de Days Blanc

Kitchen sink blend Alsatian kitchen sink blend from Oregon. 42% Pinot Blanc, 16% Resiling, 14% Muller Thurgau, 11% Muscat. I LOVED THIS. For starters, I love this producer. She nails emulating a classic region with Oregon grapes. What’s most impressive to me in expressive white wines, is the ability to present sweet flavors while remaining bone dry. Super balance. — 18 days ago

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Scott Petrus

Scott Petrus

It’s magic
Ted Corvey

Ted Corvey

Really is.

Vignerons Réunis

Estate Bottled Exception Brut Millésime Crémant d'Alsace White Blend 2007

This is good stuff. Classic Alsatian cremant. More flavor than toastiness. Touch of green apple comes w limes, almost ripe mango, and a light butterscotch finish. Tiny bubbles w medium dance. — 4 days ago

Heather DillawayGail Brater
with Heather and Gail
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California White Blend 2016

This is the inaugural release. Glad I was present for some spectacular white Wine From Paso Robles. @Stanley Barrios check them out right next to Turtle Rock. — 8 days ago

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