W. & J. Graham's

W. & J. Graham's

Aged 20 Years Tawny Port Blend

20 jaar , heerlijk!
Mooie rode kleur.
Veel fruit.
— 3 days ago

J. Hofstätter

Alto Adige - Südtirol Lagrein 2020

Rich but not too overpowering. Tannins are strong but not aggressive. Deep berries with some spice and violets. Velvety w lots of acidity — 3 months ago

W. & J. Graham's

Finest Reserve Porto Port Blend 1963

1963 vintage. Somewhat hot and lean but still vibrant and exemplary. 12.22.23. — 5 months ago

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W. & J. Graham's

Reserve Porto Douro Valley Port Blend

This Port has very tall legs, is very thick, and is deep, dark red in color. The aroma is syrupy, almost suggesting maple notes. This sweet dessert wine tastes similarly to Brandy. The mouthfeel is warm, thick, and heavy. This is a very full bodied wine. The flavor notes suggest tart blackberry and sticky black cherry. I love sweet wines, but this one is very intense. — a month ago

W. & J. Graham's

Limited Single Harvest Tawny Port Blend 1919


Emirates First Class Cabin — a year ago

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W. & J. Graham's

Aged 10 Years Tawny Port Blend

burnt red translucent appearance, strong whisky bouquet, flavors of honey with sweet ripe red grape and plum — after trying a dark chocolate, tasted nutty and smooth; buttery — a month ago

W. & J. Graham's

Vintage Port Blend 2016

My 4th spin with this vintage and it's holding steady, if a little more reserved than it was in youth. The 16s were super open and drinkable young but have added more of what you'd expect in it's youth, more structure, more density, just more serious. Decant if having right away. If you can plan it, splash decant briefly and rebottle it with the cork open for 24 hours. — 3 months ago

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