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Elena Walch

Alto Adige Schiava 2021

Another if the nearly 1400 vitis vinifera grape varietals, from a producer I love ❤️.
Schiava is a white wine dressed up as a red wine, like a pretty girl dressed up at Halloween as a male figure, say David Bowie or Michael Jackson
— a year ago

Forge Cellars

Caywood Seneca Lake Dry Riesling 2019

Seriously good single-vineyard Riesling from a 1.6-acre plot on the eastern side of Seneca Lake (at 699 ft elevation). A piece of New York history, this site was planted in the early 1970s by none other than Charles Fournier, one of America’s greatest winemakers and a pioneer in the introduction of vinifera grapes in this region. Herbs, dry grass, floral notes on the nose. Dry, vibrant, mineral, very refreshing. Green apple, some citrus, hints of nuts on the palate. Saline. Zesty acidity. Great balance — 2 years ago

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Dr. Konstantin Frank

Brut Finger Lakes Chardonnay Blend 2013

David T

Saw this recently in the store and it made me realize just how long it been since I’d had anything from the Finger Lakes, let alone a sparkling.

This 2013 is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Meunier and was disgorged in October of 2018.

The nose reveals; green & golden apple, pear, ripe pineapple, lemon, lime flesh, white peach, tropical melons, vanilla notes, cream soda, nougat, butterscotch notes, honeysuckle, saline, smooth, soft chalkiness, volcanic minerality, fruit blossoms, yellow florals & spring flowers with mixed greens.

Good mouthfeel, nice mousse with just the right amount of richness. Green & golden apple, just a touch of apple cider, slightly, bruised pear, ripe pineapple, lemon, lime flesh, white peach, tropical melons, vanilla notes, cream soda, nougat, butterscotch notes, understated white spice, honeysuckle, saline, smooth, soft chalkiness, gritty volcanic minerality, fruit blossoms, yellow florals & spring flowers with mixed greens. Nice acidy for sparkling. The finish is well balanced & smartly polished, sliding into penetrating, heated, white spice as it long sets.

Delicious sparking wine.

Dr, Konstantin Frank was the 1st to plant Vinifera vines in the Eastern United States. Vinifera vines are the only vines used to make quality wine.

Photos of; Dr. Konstantinos Frank Winery & tasting room. Signage for many visitors photos, Fred Frank in the barrel room & Sunset over their vines.
— 4 years ago

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Sofia Jalilie

Sofia Jalilie

IMHO would give it 9.2
Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

I agree with Sofia
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Subduction McCabe’s Brook Marquette 2019

100 % Marquette = non-vinifera jackpot. This my first taste of this often remembered Vermont specialty. Honestly, it taste like a Cab Franc and Chambourcin 50-50 blend!! there is this unique spice profile that comes through in the back half that makes this a compelling food wine. I am pairing this with Vermont cheddars and then fresh salmon burgers with house made tartar slaw :) Color is dark garnet that speaks to a black cherry herbal lozenge…yes, a moderately a viscous mouthfeel. This could be brown bagged as a Bluestone red blend and no one would question it ;) — 2 years ago


Mudgee Graciano 2020

Tiny House fun! — 3 years ago

Anthony Jones
with Anthony

Dr. Konstantin Frank

Finger Lakes Dry Riesling 2016

Rkatsiteli is an old grape. Extremely old. It’s mainspring was Georgia and is worth knowing just how flexible and “survivable” these vines have been.
Here’s a cherry that O found on Wiki:
“This ancient vinifera originates in Georgia and is one of the oldest grape varieties.[1] In Georgia, clay vessels were found with seeds of Rkatsiteli grapes which date back to 3000 BC.”

The color is a lemony bit of gold. The nose is bright and laced with melon and touches of peach. The body is a rush of refreshing acidity that round out on the palate in a “zesty fashion” which stamps those refreshing flavors in the back of your mind.
— 4 years ago

Beth Zitzman
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Vinifera Wine Co.

The Bridge California Landscape Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah 2019

Such an amazingly satisfying wine. Couldn’t say enough great things about it. — 2 years ago


Pet Nat Catawba 2020

Pétillant Naturel made with Catawba, an indigenous variety from the Finger Lakes. Quite exuberant, fragrant nose with non-vinifera varieties’ signature grapey, foxy notes (smells like Concord grapes). Lemon, green apple flavors. High acidity. Tasty, very refreshing. Slightly mineral finish. Drinks like lemonade — 2 years ago

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La Garagista

Damejeanne Vermont Rouge Red Blend 2018

Another super interesting wine by Deirdre Heikin. This blend is 90% Marquette and 10% La Crescent. Two northern american grape variety and the wine shows that non vitis vinifera varieties can make very good wine. The nose is a bit foxy at first, and the taste is then very interesting, good acidity level, slightly sour, notes of herbs and berries but still very round. This profiles definitely reminds me of alpine wines such as Mondeuse or even l’Etraire de la Dui, although these are vitis vinifera.

Sign of a real good wine: this bottle only got better on day 2 and 3...

Great job by pionneer La Garagista!
— 4 years ago

E.A.V. SARL (Exploitation Agricole Vinifera)

Cuvée du Prince Moelleux Chenin Blanc 1997

22 года, а живее всех живых! Отлично!
— 5 years ago

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