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Avvoltore Maremma Toscana SuperTuscan Blend 2013

Every now and again, a wine comes into your life that causes you to rethink what you thought you knew about a type of wine. “Avvoltore” by Morisfarms is one of those wines for me.

The cork pulled perfectly. The wine pours a dark ruby color with an opaque core and some slight signs of sediment. Moderate staining of the tears. On the nose the wine is intense with bright, lush dark fruit: black currants, dark plums, blackberries, black cherry, tobacco, freshly tilled earth, cocoa, and baking spices. On the palate, the wine is dry with medium++ tannins and medium+ acid. The texture is super grippy…like whoa. Confirming the fruits aforementioned on the nose and accompanied by notes of espresso, and trading the cocoa for dark chocolate. There’s a nice touch of baking spice too. The finish is very long. A super compelling wine that is still quite primary. I expect this vintage to be extremely long lived. My next bottle after 2032.

As an added note, the Super Tuscan genre has always given me mixed emotions. Many of the wines are usually very lovely and technically excellent yet, I often struggle with them because so many taste as if they could really come from anywhere. And that’s cool for a lot of people but I crave wines to tell me a story that give me a sense of where they’re from. “Avvoltore” does this with a style and grace that’s massively compelling.
— 4 months ago

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Jay Kline

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@Peter van den Besselaar 2013…updated to reflect. Thanks for catching that
Tom Casagrande

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Jay Kline

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@Tom Casagrande great eye 😋

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Juliet Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

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Jason and Jennie

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@Eric @David L ya i’m done buying this label.
Ron R

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I think I am, too. The whole portfolio for 17 and 18 vintages have fallen so short.

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It was when he sold it. S#it show after that.