Turtle Creek Winery

Westberg Cellars

Turtle Rock Willow's Tickled Pink Rosé Blend 2018

Big Rosé, not for the faint of heart. This is not a second thought wine. Minerals and wet concrete round out a fresh tart finish. — a month ago

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Turtle Rock

Westberg Red #Hearts Vineyard Zinfandel Tempranilllo 2017

Jeb 96 Parker/lisa 95 Not bad for 🌶🔥🌮 Saturday
Its the Westberg blend
Winery notes,,

76% Zinfandel, 24% Tempranillo
4hearts Vineyard
Zinfandel was co-fermented with the Tempranillo
22 months in 60% new French Oak
This blend is ruby in color with a fresh nose consisting of basil, toasted oak, and spice. Silky on the pallet with fresh intricate red fruit and white pepper with a meaty and savory back pallet finish.
— 4 months ago

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Turtle Rock

Willow White Paso Robles Grenache Blanc Blend 2017

This Paso Robles white blend is delicious! This wine offers a luscious mouthful..flowers ...lanolin..honeycomb..lemon meringue and coconut! Everytime I pick up the glass I discover something new! — 7 months ago

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Like the label! This would be delicious!🥂

Brooks Winery

Amycas Willamette Valley White Blend 2018

26 Pinot blanc, 25 Riesling, 24 muscat, 14 Pinot Gris, 11 gwertz, 5 golden rings, 4 calling birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtle doves. Very cider like. Touch of residual sugar works with the acidity. Thai food winner. — 7 months ago

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Andrew Rasse

Andrew Rasse

2 turtle heads

Mad Fish

Gold Turtle Shiraz 2017

Dry and oaky with a definite French quality and a little bit of spice. Well worth the $12 special. — 2 months ago

Turtle Rock

G2 Vineyard Red Blend 2017

Dons wines just kick ass plain and simple — 2 months ago

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Westberg Cellars

Turtle Rock Maturin James Berry Vineyard Syrah Blend 2017

Wish I bought more of this, great for $65.00 but unavailable now.
Jeb 99 parker/lisa 94-95
— 5 months ago

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Alex Lallos

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@Robert Evans Jr I’ll send you the info
Kirk F

Kirk F

@David L agree and u never know who u will run into in the tasting room 😂 going back in August!
David L

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So true ,Kirk. Nice meeting you. Hope all is well.


Swartland Chenin Blanc

Golden cyanide time bomb 💣 👃 bitter almonds, marzipan log and turtle wax cockpit shine 🐢. All things that I enjoy. 👄 baked Bramley apples. 🍏 — 2 months ago

Turtle Rock

Claude's Cuvée Syrah Blend 2017

Claudes Cuvee,
Too sweet for me,
Jeb 97🤷🏼‍♂️
— 5 months ago

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Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Need a Cabernet now to get this taste out of my mouth

Terrapin Beer Co.

Mosaic Red Rye India Pale Ale

As expected, a reddish hue to the amber, giving this an added warmth visually. Nice diversity of turtle back bubble clusters falling through the negative space of fine bubbled vines forming to leave a cantilevered lacing. The rye gives an earthy note to fig and malty caramel and mangrove honey, while blood orange and sweet lemon rise like a mirage. Great beer entry with a polished iron aspect cutting into the cooked ginger, wild rice and dark tea tastes and textures. A soft recollection of spun sugar heating. Soft and sweet, while bitter and deep. Session-able, with a pause for contemplative memory. .
#terrapinbeer #terrapinbeerco #mosaichops #redrye #redryeipa #ipa #indiapaleale #ale #terrapinmosaic #Athensga #gabeer #seasonalsessions #beer #bier #biere #cerveza #birra
— 6 months ago

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