Andi Knauss

La Boutanche Trocken Trollinger 2019

🌊 Ocean spray, refreshing, berries.

Fruit forward and juicy, but also tannins and a puckered subtle dryness in the mid palate that acts as a welcome counterbalance to the fruit.

Herbaceous endnote, a bit of eucalyptus.

Amazing drinkability, great price point <$20 at Astor Wine, fruit punch for the spring!
— 20 days ago

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S.S. slumming it in the natty section of Astor.
S.S. Mandani

S.S. Mandani

@romo that’s me haha 😆

Weingut Aldinger

Fellbacher Lämmler Trocken Trollinger 2018

Looks: very light transclucent red. Looks like a very thin body. Thick legs moving down the glass very slowly despite the wine looking thin
Smell: very fresh on the nose with soy of freshly picked red fruits notes. Fresh strawberries (abit unripe), preserved cherries and almonds in the background. No oak.
Taste: medium to low acidicity with little to almost no tannins. Almost no fruit on the palate and very weak, almost thin finish with a little preserved cherries coming out at the end.

Affordable PN and Should go well with food
— 7 months ago

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Andi Knauss

La Boutanche Trollinger Rosé 2019

They always make such tasty, value wines and especially the rose. It has some heft and isn’t too acidic. I preferred it a day after opening. Almost too drinkable! — 14 days ago

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(5305bad3352b69163a00e67a -> 5305ba5b8953f6d739007839) Kellerei Bozen Cantina di Bolzano

Huck Am Bach St. Magdalener Alto Adige Schiava Lagrein 2018

Light smoke. Red and black fruit. High acidity and brightness. Delightful. A story buyers notes: Santa Maddalena Classico is its own DOC in the heart of Bolzano. By law the wine must be 90% Schiava (aka Trollinger) and 10% Lagrein. This combination works to add a touch of richness and body to the normally bright and aromatic schiava. The vineyard is a large slope scaling from 250 meters to 500 meters, with the Lagrein grown on the lower portion of the hill. These are old vines averaging between 40-50 years old. (41792) — 4 months ago

with Molly

Weingut Roterfaden

Roterfaden & Rosswag Co-op "Terraces" Red Vineyard Projuct 002 Lemberger Blend 2019

Unique. Cherry pit bitterness that plays really well. Not for everyone but I like a lot. — 3 months ago

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Weingut Leon Gold

Pink Gold Trollinger Rosé

Grapefruit, strawberries, guava, lots of mineralogy and richness but still dry. Really lovely pet nat I would drink any day of the week. — 7 months ago

Gentle Folk Wines

Rainbow Juice Adelaide Hills White Blend

Juicy and yummmmm. At first tastes like popcorn but quickly moved into one of those old fashioned strawberry hard candies with the beautiful packaging. Delicious and pretty and does not drink like 13% on a school night. — a year ago