Ten Minutes By Tractor

Ten Minutes by Tractor

Up the Hill Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir 2017

Smells fantastic! You can smell the soil with spicy tones. Nice light red rust colour. Strawberries and pepper. — a month ago

Ten Minutes by Tractor

Morning Peninsula Pinot Noir 2016

🍷✔✔ just lovely. Bought from the cellar door — 3 months ago

Andrew Murray

Roasted Slope Vineyard Syrah 2015

Started off a little tight but after just ten minutes or so in the glass -- whoa -- big smoked meat / Earth flavors take over the front of the palate, followed by concentrated dark fruits, violets and a beautiful finish. Big tannins here but with a little bit of age on it, it delivers a super voluptuous pour. — 4 months ago

Etienne Bécheras

Le Prieuré d'Arras Saint-Joseph Syrah 2015

100% Syrah from vines that’s are 10-65 years old and managed manually for the most part. Fermented in concrete and aged for two years in barrels of various sizes but mostly larger (225L-600L). Popped and poured. This bottle took about ten minutes to open but when it did, ohhhhh baby! On the nose it was a mix of blue fruits, dark cherry, and a high end yoga studio...you know, the ones with incense of sandalwood, gardenia and bergamot...basically everything but the patchouli. On the palate, things got even more interesting with firm blue fruits, tart dark cherries, lightly spiced meats and minerals. The finish lasts for five minutes. In fact, there is crazy effect after a couple of minutes that reminds me of Acmella oleracea (Sichuan buttons or buzz buttons). Absolutely wild! Never had a wine do that. No doubt, this is a Saint-Joseph of the highest level. Definitely a producer to keep an eye out for. — 6 months ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Love the originality of your nose...the yoga studio 👍🙃 lovely to read
Josh Morgenthau

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@Jay Kline Wow, sounds great. Never even conceived of a wine with ma la flavor. Will have to look out for this.
Jay Kline

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@Peter van den Besselaar Ha! Thanks...it’s an association thing so I figure I might as well share exactly what it reminds me of. @Josh Morgenthau the Sechuan button thing is crazy but I wasn’t the only one who remarked at it.

Ten Minutes by Tractor

Down The Hill Estate Pinot Noir 2017

More subtle nose than Up the Hill. Meatier wine, lots of cherries and spices. — a month ago

J. Christopher

Lumière Unfiltered Pinot Noir 2016

Purple-red, moderately extracted pigment, good clarity with minor residue (it is unfiltered). Hints of butter, wood and cola in nose. Bright acidity, a touch of soy-umami in the flavors. Slightly gritty aftertaste on initial pour (it’s unfiltered!) Still assessing as it opens up... Cola flavor emerges after ten minutes, barrel tar aroma after thirty. — 3 months ago

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Renato Ratti

Marcenasco Barolo Nebbiolo 2005

Brought to my parents place for a socially distant, outdoor dinner on their driveway. Holly and I celebrated 15 years of marriage last week so we thought this might be fun to share. Popped and poured with the cork intact and little sign of any seepage. In the glass, this was a light garnet color but showing a good amount of sediment. On the nose, there was an initial impression of stewed cherries but that disappeared rather quickly and freshened up within about ten minutes of air. It evolved into ripe red fruits, dry leaf tobacco, tar, and mushrooms. On the palate, it was cherries, tar, dried herbs and earthy characteristics. While the attack was sweet, the finish was long with firm drying tannin; very satisfying with good acid. This is drinking very well right now. — 4 months ago

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Heitz Cellar

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

David T

I understand why the Heitz Napa Cabernet doesn’t score higher upon release. It simply needs 10 years plus in bottle to excel.

I usually don’t open these until they have been in bottle ten years. However, this was handy when Sofia wanted a glass with dinner twice this week. So, it needed to be finished after I coravined it.

It’s ripe, jammy and lush now. Showing some Welches characteristics this early. Better things ahead. Juicy, somewhat syrupy fruits of; blackberries, dark cherries, black plums, black raspberries & juicy strawberries. It’s still primary without much integration. Touch of cherry Luden’s, mid dark spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, lighter clove, vanilla, stones, dark, rich earth, tobacco notes, some graphite, shoe leather, sandstone with bright, red, dark, blue florals with violets over the top. Very good round acidity. The finish is still jammy & not fully balanced, elegant and persisting minutes.

Shows promise in fruit, tannins and acidity. Hold another 5-8 years.
— a month ago

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A. Rafanelli

Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel 1997

Great first glass: still have fruit, tea leafs. Left it open for another ten minutes and it became completely blah. — 3 months ago


Estate Vineyard Fort Ross-Seaview Pinot Noir 2012

Very closed at first. Muted, metallic, not much else. Ten minutes in the glass and some cassis arrived on the palette; nose is still blood/iron. And then it didn’t go anywhere from there. A fine Pinot, but nothing special and disappointing especially for the age. — 6 months ago

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Mike R

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That was pushing the drinking window you think @Aaron Rankin
Aaron Rankin

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@Mike R yep, also a poor year for this bottle. I have ‘10s and ‘11s that are going strong.