South Australia, Australia


Hoffman Dallwitz Little Wine IV Syrah

A rich plush Barossa Shiraz. Full bodied plum and berry flavours. A lovely fluid supple palate, the product of old vine fruit. Looking through my notes I see I have had Little Wine #2 #3 #5 and #6 but somehow missed this #4 Multi vintage comprising 2012 at 17%; 2013 at 44% and 2014 at 39%. All good years in the Barossa although Fraser would say some were more difficult than others. Vine age ranges from the 1990s with the oldest planted prior to 1912. Rich and delicious. — 10 days ago

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SA 54-354 Hoffman Dallwitz Syrah

Sami-Odi Hoffmann Dallwitz Syrah 2016. This wine is a beast and will benefit greatly from some cellar time, but I can’t seem to keep my hands off. A triple decant along with 6 hours in the decanter at cellar temperature. I should have poured it on a cookie sheet with a couple of industrial fans blowing on it. All that said, the wine is spectacular and reminds me of my favorite Sami-Odi, “Baby Tui.” @Fraser McKinley. The Manfred Krankl Of Australia! What more can I say? — 12 days ago

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Ron R

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Signed up???
Shay A

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@Ron R : For the Sami-Odi list!
Fraser McKinley

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Thank you @Roman Sukley and what a fantastic shot! I’m glad to hear that it opened well for you and those ‘16s should have a very long life ahead!

Peter Lehmann

Clancy's Barossa Red Blend 2014

Formed in 1979 by Peter Lehmann to assist the grape growers of the region who at the time were facing financial ruin, they now enjoy the rewards of longstanding friendships and loyalty. A blend of Cab Sauv, Merlot & Shiraz, deep red with aromas of black fruit. On the palate black raspberry and currant flavors, toasty oak, savory with fine tannins. Medium finish ending with oaky notes. Tasting Sample. — 6 days ago

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Cape Mentelle

Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Beautiful colour- vibrant. Herbaceous aromas preside over the Cassis and oak - could pick this as Margaret River Cabernet. A strong wine in terms of likely longevity with a robust core. Elegance with power, cutting back on the ripe plush style of Cabernet often seen in the New World. I love Margaret River Cabernet and this is traditionally one of the best in the district. Every year Cape Mentelle have an International Cabernet Tasting and about 5 years ago they covered the 2009 vintage which was great in both Margaret River and also Bordeaux and other parts of the world. I went across to WA for it. My top 3 were this one, Woodlands and Chateau Palmer. Many years to go in the Cellar. — 9 days ago

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Hoffmann Dallwitz 0.354 Syrah

Still just primary on the nose
Texturally it excites you
The fruit is vibrant
It’s fresh, mouthwatering, super long finish, earthy too, blu mineral
The new dress Barossa should wear if they wanna stick with Syrah. I personally love it and I hope to get the chance soon to go and visit
— 3 days ago

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@Ceccherini Cristiano “If the Barossa wants to stick with Syrah???” Do bears shit in the Forest? Sorry mate - had to call that out but you’re right. More Barossa wine makers should follow the lead of Sami-Odi in the way they handle old vine Barossa Shiraz.
Ceccherini Cristiano

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Koonunga Hill Seventy Six Shiraz Cabernet 2010

Great to see the old retro Penfolds label commemorating the first Koonunga Hill in 1976. Koonunga Hill used to be Penfolds Entry Level Red and was remarkable how it to could be cellared. The Entry Level is now Rawsons Retreat. Shiraz dominant from the excellent 2010 vintage. Wonderful berry fruit with a touch of Liquorice. Ridiculously good value at $16.99 when I bought it in 2013. At least another 5 years plus of good drinking. — 14 days ago

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Two Hands

Bella's Garden Shiraz 2003

Nice Bella's. Took 2 hours for the acidity to regulate. Dark, black fruits and licorice. The wine is cinnamon spice, dark chocolate and black fruit rich. Middle is rich, thick, and at first quite acidic but after 2 hours it really improved. Finished with a lot of personality and even quite a bit of tannin. Very impressed with this wine and definitely doesn't have a 15 yr old feel to it. Can go another 15 yr easy. If you have some of these, don't be in any hurry to drink them but they are drinking well now! — 5 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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I have this, agree with your notes, years to go!
Shay A

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I love Aussie Shiraz, and the age here was an added treat. Would have never guessed 15yrs. Burnt graham cracker, fruit cake, ripe blackberries. As odd as this sounds, I got a baked coconut pie note on the back of the finish, something that I get with Rioja wines some times. Milk chocolate covered dates too. Great bottle @Mark Flesher .
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Nice bottle


Old Bush Vine Grenache 2016

Can I dub this wine super yumtown? Sometimes I run out of good adjectives. This is a wine that makes me understand why some call Grenache the Pinot noir of the south. A fine and silky red rendition. Less ripe than last night’s cannonau it’s all red fruit (fresh and stewed) and white pepper and the leather and herbal earth come in later and lighter. I really like this. It stands without food. — 10 days ago

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Neal Ferry

Neal Ferry

Ellen, I’m impressed with your posts, you do a great job... interesting so much of what you drink, consume, or post is not available here in Nebraska.... I get to California quite often however (I’m assuming that is where you are) I don’t pickup on what you say is good and find it in the local market.... I must do a better job....
Ellen Clifford

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@Neal Ferry oh gosh I’d wish you could access all I drink! Maybe google it up? Or check the Delectable offshoot Banquet? Or honestly hope you can taste and tell me what you think💞


Johann Georg Shiraz 2003

Old vines, basket pressed.
Wow, this is a big wine, but the elegance and the balance are impressive
Huge intensity on the nose
Tasting it you can hardly feel it’s 15,5%
The flavour is immense
Fruit yes, but the focus is on liquorice and aniseed
Super fresh and quite tannic to be an Oz Shiraz . Never ending finish
Tasted just after a Basket Press 2001 Rockford I’d say this has more to say in the future when Rockford was more enjoyable now. Two great Oz wines anyway. At least another 10 years to go...I’d be curious
— 2 days ago

Mauro Gabriele
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Grange Hermitage Bin 95 Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 1989

Garnet. Brawny and opulent compared to the rest of the lineup. Red and blue fruit. You would not think it’s that old. Delicious. — 15 days ago

Chris Thalken
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Chanowat Piriyasaisanti

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