South Australia, Australia


Bin 389 South Australia Cabernet Shiraz 2017

Referred to as the “Baby Grange,” blend of about 50/50 Cab Sauv & Shiraz, aged for 12 months in American oak, partly in previous-vintage Grange casks. Dark Ruby with aromas of ripe black fruits, sweet and complex spice. On the palate juicy blackberry flavors with notes of cacao and toasty spices. Well balanced with acidity, full ripe tannins, long ending with smoky spice, fruit well integrated with oak, drink over next 10 years+, will only get better. Consistent with ‘16 I just tried. — 9 days ago

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Grange Hermitage Bin 95 Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon

Tres beau vin. Va se bonifier avec le temps. J ai vraiment apprécié
— 3 days ago

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Cape Mentelle

Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

Herbaceous, mint, stalks, with a walnut note together with red florals as in roses verging to a violet note. The medium weight palate shows sweet berry and cassis - just enough opulence to carry the savoury notes. Resolved tannins. Drinking at its peak at 13 years of age although could sit on the plateau for 5 plus years. An excellent example of aged Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon (100%) from a great producer. — 6 days ago

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The Max Schubert South Australia Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz 2016

I have a special love for penfolds! This has so much aging potential , definitely will buy another bottle and save it for the next five years to drink

Dark red !! fine and well balanced tannins. Cranberry, plums, peppery, with a long earthy taste at the end

Plus the bottle design was cool!
— 21 days ago

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Mike R

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Me too
Mike R

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Is this all penfolds - aging tames them or with proper decant enjoyed early

Chris Ringland

Ebenezer Shiraz 2006

For a screw cap 14 year old bottle for $20.00 I think its pretty solid
Parker 93

2006 Chris Ringland Shiraz, sourced from Ringland's favorite sub-region of Barossa, Ebenezer. It was aged for 20 months in seasoned French and American oak hogsheads.
— 10 days ago

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David T

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Love Chris’s craft. Hope that Rostaing was well stored. Such a great producer.
Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Its standing up for a reason, weekend wine !

Adelaide Hills

Hills Appeal Meunier Syrah 2019

Hills Appeal
2019 Syrah Meunier
Adelaide Hills Wine Fire Appeal.

A great wine for a great cause.

Please get a case and support our community if you can!

— 15 days ago

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Aaron Tan

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Oh wow. Interesting wine.

Brash Higgins

ZBO Ricca Terra Farms The Riverland Zibibbo 2019

Trying to introduce J to the weird and wonderful world of skinsies. While I can't say I've got a convert this time around, the little study certainly provided some food for thought. Spectacular nose which J enjoyed too - Dried apricot, bruised apple, mango, white pepper, clove, fresh rose, and ginger. As with a lot orange wines for new drinkers, the palate's where J got turned off by. Kind of cider-like and a little "fuzzy", with good grip and an acetic zing. There's just enough fruit to keep the savory chicken essence elements at bay. Finishes quite earthy and acidic. I would say this is not a particularly challenging skinsy, but not an introductory one either. Although it's quite nice on the occasion, I have to note that I usually like this cuvée more 🤔 — a month ago

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Is “skinsy” Tan-generated or is that a common reference in KL? And, may I steal this pronoun for personal use?
Aaron Tan

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@romo Hahaha. I think it's a pretty common term for skin contact/orange wines in Australia. Definitely not an original 😂


Grange South Australia Shiraz 1995

John B

Wonderful. It amazes me how youthful this is - as in, just seems to be hitting its drinking window - at 25 years. A long finish and still plenty of tannins. — 6 days ago

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Baby Tui Syrah 2012

Shay A

Couple fun bottles shared with Mark and Bryan this afternoon.

Sami Odi wines...a true favorite of mine! Bryan was kind enough to bring an older bottle when he came to town and what a powerhouse. Upon opening, it had a slight carbonic nose to it with gummy and candied fruits, but after letting it sit open for a few hours, the evolution here was remarkable. Blind, this bordered on SQN. It shows this beautifully spicy and savory nose that SQN wines always strut, with peppercorn, grilled rhubarb, smoked brisket and a touch of green olive. As all Sami Odi wines are, the texture on the palate is so pure. Fresh squeezed blackberries dripping over bacon, herbs de Provence, teriyaki, and fresh mixed berry pie out of the oven. A supreme balance of spicy, savory and rich notes. What a wine!
@Fraser McKinley , you knocked this out of the park!
— 4 days ago

Bryan KestingMark Flesher
with Bryan and Mark
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Bryan Kesting

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@Shay A : Great time, Shay. I always enjoy your notes. I could not agree more.
Shay A

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@Bryan Kesting : Always a treat to share wine with you when you are in town! @Fraser McKinley , this guy would love to get access to your wines directly!
Fraser McKinley

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Lovely to hear that it opened nicely for you @Shay A and I hope you are well mate 👊


Savitar Shiraz 2004

You know exactly what you’re going to get when you open one of these. Big, dark bruising hammerblow. I could never do this night after night but I do like to indulge in this style every now and then. And esp with a plate of beef ribs. Though I believe we are just past it’s best window, so slug it if you’ve got it. — 6 days ago

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