Sancerre, Central Vineyards

Domaine Delaporte

Chavignol Sancerre Pinot Noir 2015

A nose of cherry, metal and barnyard almost gamay-like . The palate is wonderful. Long acid backbone, fruits (blackberry, raspberry, cherry) vanilla, the wine rolls. There is a metallic touch in the end too, much like the one you can find on foillard's côte du py. Amazing Sancerre and great value — 16 days ago

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Edmond Vatan

Clos La Néore Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2007

Amazing Sancerre, this is a wine that needs a minimum of 5 - 10 yrs. Intense stony mineral goodness with gripping acidity. — 19 days ago

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Larry Frierson

Larry Frierson

Racine in Reims?
Can’t make out the vintage.
Ron Siegel

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Racines in NYC with the 2007.

Jean-Max Roger

Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Crisp, fragrant, minerally and herbal. Great glass with my Pan Bagnat! — 17 days ago

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90 Ninety + Cellars

Lot 126 Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2014

It’s a light lager yellow. The limestone in its marl soil shows through on the nose with chalky minerality. There’s aromas of white flowers, lemon, and the juice collection from a fruit salad. In the mouth it’s light bodied with high acidity, and has both a smooth body and crispy bite. The palate shows flavors of lemon, grapefruit an cracked stone. It finishes super dry with grapefruit and cracked stone. — 8 hours ago

Domaine Vacheron

Belle Dame Sancerre Rouge Pinot Noir 2013

Helluva bottle of Pinot from Sancerre. On the light side, high acid but pretty aromatics. Could drink a lot of this. — 2 days ago

Domaine Hippolyte Reverdy

Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2016

First Reverdy Sancerre. Had more body and a little less acidity than I expected. Similar to Cotat's Mont Dames. — 5 days ago

Domaine Serge Laporte

Les Boursicottes Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc

Amazing, refreshing and great value. New favorite. From Wine Impressions in Laurel Village. — 10 hours ago

Chad Dupic
with Chad

Domaine La Croix Saint-Laurent

Sancerre Pinot Noir

This wine has been rated already and I would say it is spot on! Delicious in all its subtleties and it delivers- great wine for the 20$ range so buy with confidence. I don’t think this is a wine to keep in the cellar for the long run as it’s a bit thin. — 3 days ago

Domaine François Cotat

La Grande Côte Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Far too young but so good! Lots of layered bright citrus fruits with crushed rock, mineral with refreshing acid. — 18 days ago

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Henri Bourgeois

Les Baronnes Sancerre Pinot Noir Rosé 2015

Delicate and goes with everything (fish to red meat). Cherries & blackberries with some spices such as white pepper. — 3 days ago

Jeremy Wilson
with Jeremy