Südburgenland, Burgenland

Erwin Tinhof

Burgenland Neuburger 2015

Nose has loads of citrus pith, green apple, green herb, and pungent crushed rock. It the mouth it’s bone dry, very minerally and refreshing. A slight bitterness emerges in the finish. Great in a super hot and muggy day. HT to my daughter Rebecca for giving me my first Neuberger to taste! — 4 days ago

Rebecca Anne Casagrande
with Rebecca
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Alois Kracher

No. 7 Zwischen den Seen Trockenbeerenauslese Welschriesling 2002

Very sweet, rich, and low acid. — 9 days ago

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Gerhard Pittnauer

Perfect Day White Blend

Also drank this weekend. Despite the label’s best attempts at disturbing my doily-socked Puritan sensibilities, the wine was more delicious than my church’s Jesus blood substitute — 10 days ago

Gerhard Pittnauer

Pitt Nat Burgenland Sparkling Blend

Very enjoyable with risotto and not getting straw-dogged at the end of a dirt road in the Catskills — 13 days ago

Michael Everett

Michael Everett

This one goes great with a strawdoggin

Paul Achs

Lust & Leben Zweigelt Blend 2017

Cherry and cranberry with lots of funky earthy notes. Dig it. — 13 days ago


Weißer Mulatschak Pinot Gris Blend

Orange creamsicle and honey, lightly fizzy, turns out to be very chuggable — 5 days ago


Felsen II Syrah 2012

My favourite producer. Great seeing Christian’s wines progress over the past few years. Love his current modern lighter styles but this beast is my jam anytime! — 18 days ago

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Eisenberg Blaufränkisch 2017

My Blaufrankisch spectrum is limited to a handful of producers. This interested me because it’s a rare red import from Skurnick. It’s softer, less abrupt, and more lush compared to my memory bank of Blau. Metallic, blackberry, raspberry, all spice, and minerals. — a month ago

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Gut Oggau

BRUTAL!!! Neusiedlersee Roesler

So good I took my pants off. Oddly improved the second day. High tone cherry. Sweet tarts. — 4 days ago

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