François Cazin (Le Petit Chambord)

Le Petit Chambord Vendanges Manuelles Cour-Cheverny AOC Romorantin 2018

Good with sushi or lighter Thai dishes. Citrus forward, but herbal, bitter and a little boozy. (15% abv) Interesting texture. Others are saying waxy but I get oily. Not a “clean” wine, but certainly unique. New grape for me. — 11 days ago

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Julien Courtois

Autochtone Touraine Romorantin

Ok. You know you have guys who like “big reds”? Well this is a big white. Hard hitting, would stand up to any fucker that gives it attitude. — 2 months ago

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Domaine Philippe Tessier

Moelleux Cour-Cheverny Romorantin 2015

Demi-sec, baked pear, stewed apricot, canned pineapple, prune, honey, ginger candy, musk, quince, minerality, and dried herbs. 50g/L RS. Round mouthfeel. Medium+ finish. — 4 months ago

Domaine des Huards (Michel Gendrier)

Cuvée François 1er Vieilles Vignes Cour-Cheverny Romorantin 2015

Pinot Noir mainly and Gamay blend. Very nice 5 years natural wine, juicy, unfiltered, full and round. nice acidity bringing freshness associated wonderfully with a slight woody note. — 21 days ago

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François Cazin (Le Petit Chambord)

Cuvée Renaissance Moelleux Cour-Cheverny Romorantin 2015

Opens with confectioner’s sugar on the nose. The fat kid in me loves it. Pears and wildflowers and acid for days, minerals. Beeswax. Then when it opens it tastes like you’ve sliced into the juiciest grapefruit and are eating it whole with a little honey. Good stuff. Like spatlese. — 2 months ago

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Domaine Philippe Tessier

La Porte Dorée Cour-Cheverny Romorantin 2017

Romorantin-drue, lækker hvid! Nærmest orange smag! Anders fødselsdag på Safari — 4 months ago

Anders Rytter
with Anders

Domaine Philippe Tessier

Phil 'en Bulle Pétillant Naturel Menu Pineau Romorantin

Love this spritz on cour cheverny! — 20 days ago

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Eddie Grystar

Eddie Grystar

Love this wine

Domaine Philippe Tessier

Cour-Cheverny Romorantin 2017

I’ll take all the Cour-Cheverny please and thank you — 3 months ago

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Henry Marionnet (Domaine de la Charmoise)

Provignage Romorantin 2014

pre phylloxera vines ! — 3 months ago

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François Cazin (Le Petit Chambord)

Cuvée Renaissance Vendanges Manuelles Cour-Cheverny Romorantin 2002

Just concluded our annual Fall seclusion at our cabin in the Rangeley lakes region of Maine, mobile service up there is mostly non-existent, after several days I am posting again. Notes are somewhat brief, as my focus is relaxing and watching the Common Loons swimming and diving in the cove in front of our camp.

Nose has oxidized yellow apple, sweet pineapple, yellow apple flesh and faint oak influence.
Palate has pineapple, yellow melon, dried lemon peel, ripe papaya, naval orange (light) with light, sweet oak on the long finish.
Very surprised at this bottle, after having the lesser tier bottling (2007) on several occasions, I expected this to be highly oxidized and only pleasurable to anyone enjoying that particular style of Romorantin. This bottle was lively and fresh, still many years to go, future bottles can be 2022+ with little concern, when in proper storage.
— 5 months ago

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Severn Goodwin

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@Chris Shultz Saw your post on the '15 Cuvée Renaissance, that wine is a baby, it'll go decades still, if you hide it away.
Chris Shultz

Chris Shultz

I think I probably paid like $16 for this. I wish I had somewhere to hide it away for awhile.