Roma, Lazio

San Marco

CRIO 10 Superiore Frascati 2013

Truly enjoyable light and fresh it fills your mouth with pleasure. It finishes with a soft dry Oak — 8 days ago

Damiano Ciolli

Cirsium Olevano Romano Cesanese

A producer who shows the potential and beauty of Cesanese. Great vintage. Drank in Olevano Romano Italy at Sora Maria e Arcangelo. Perfecto! — 9 days ago

Le Coste

Litrozzo Bianco White Blend

Like eating a charcuterie board... So fun and meaty and yeast and musty. Puts the cellar in wine cellar ;););) — 7 days ago

Piero Riccardi Lorella Reale

Càlitro Olevano Romano Cesanese

bruno 36E. Tangy strawberry medium body with moderate tannins, mushroom and roses on finish, violet on nose — 3 days ago


Sigilium Cesanese di Olevano Romano 2011

cul de sac. Tart raspberry with very nice balance and complexity medium tannins on finish, heavyweight — 4 days ago

Azienda Agricola La Visciola

Priore Ju Quarto Cesanese del Piglio 2015

Cesanese + This is like stepping up to a Cru bottling of Gamay. Still fun, juicy Cesanese fruit, but with added structure and secondary aromas. Next level producer who is making terroir specific wine in Piglio, Lazio. Seek this out! — 14 days ago

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Fontana Candida

Santa Teresa Superiore Frascati White Blend 2015

Pineapple and tutti fruti notes. Light in the palate. Whole experience was very nice and the wine topped it. — 14 days ago

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Colacicchi- Anagni

Cesanese Tufano 2015

One of the best Cesanese’s I’ve tried. Potential for significant aging. Complex. Had at Armando al pantheon in Roma. Obviously fantastic with Amatriciana. — 9 days ago

Le Coste

Lot 20 Lazio Sangiovese

Much much better after 1hr!! — 11 days ago

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Formica Pazza Gialla Malvasia Trebbiano

Peach skin in my mouth and cold wet socks on the nose but overall unusually clean and dry like a hard rain on a November night after a car crash. It’s subtle for a yellow crazy ant but if you put your mind to it you can pull out some heavy sounds. Pairs well with el pastor and a phone call to uncle mike — a month ago