Roma, Lazio

Damiano Ciolli

Silene Olevano Romano Cesanese 2012

A rich dark red that is so easy to drink. Very delicious but not too bold — 14 days ago

Famiglia Cotarella

Ferentano Lazio Roscetto 2015

Yum, slightly saline today, prior notes apply still. — 17 hours ago

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Castelli Romani Rosso

Welcome drink at Fiumicino. Nice Castelli Romani — 23 days ago

Cantina Sant'Andrea

Oppîdum Secco Moscato di Terracina 2014

Mid Gold in colour. The tell tale grape pulp aromas of the Muscat grape with florals - “sweet pea” said my good wife. On the palate fulsome fresh grapey flavours finishing dry with a skinnsy bitterness. From the region of Lazio where the principal city is Rome with the famous football (soccer) club of the same name - Lazio FC. — a month ago

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Poggio Le Volpi

Roma Rosso

Amazing wine! We said my husband loved bold wine while I preferred more acidic and the waiter recommended this one. We both loved it! — 24 days ago

Fiorano (Boncompagni Ludovisi)

Principe di Venosa Vino da Tavola White Blend 1993

Crazy old Italian white. Pink gray color, cloudy, lemon curd, funky earth, light oxidation, interesting and beautiful. Actually took some time to open. — 15 days ago

Tom Donald
with Tom
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Le Coste

Litrozzo Bianco White Blend

Like the sour beers of wine. Almost like kombucha and very crushable. — 3 days ago


Montiano Lazio Merlot 2010

Plummy mulberry aromas with dusty tobacco notes. Took a while to open up. Fruit driven on the palate with dense mouthfilling flavours finishing with persistent powdery Tannins. Not particularly “Italian “ - could be new world. I bought this at Roscioli in Rome @Ceccherini Cristiano where you were the Sommelier. An excellent restaurant and outstanding cellar. One of the 1001 wines. — 19 days ago

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Ceccherini Cristiano

Ceccherini Cristiano Influencer Badge

I agree with you on the international palate rather than fully talking Italian
Montiano used to be looked at as the best regional wine for Lazio
I am happy that we moved on from there, but technically this is a very good wine, not unforgettable if you allow me
@Bob McDonald Roscioli is indeed still the best place to go to in Rome, but when it comes to buy wine it is hard to get right the right wine, also hard for the sommeliers to guess what is the level of knowledge or curiosity u have
You should try thr Habemus from Lazio at the moment is the top wine
Bob McDonald

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@Ceccherini Cristiano Thanks for your comments. Is the Habemus Merlot based?
Ceccherini Cristiano

Ceccherini Cristiano Influencer Badge

@Bob McDonald no, it is actually a Chatenneuf-du-Pape blend