Riesling "S" 2015

Such incredible Eola-Amity Hills Riesling. Bill has some serious talent. Such finesse, nimbleness, and purity coexisting with dense concentration. Perfect balance of RS in this homage to the Spätlese Prädikatswein Rieslings of Germany. Honestly rivals some pretty stellar German examples, IMO. Pours a pale to medium (-) intensity straw hue. Medium (+) concentration of aromatics of ripe white peach, pure wet slate minerality, Thai basil, cardamom, a slight sesame oil savoriness, some slight lees influence, and jasmine and honeysuckle floral notes. On the palate, there's more ripe stone fruit, an extra jolt of pure slate mineral freshness, cardamom, honeycomb, and jasmine floral tones. High acid, moderate RS (~35g/l), light to medium (-) body with great supple texture from lees and RS. Alcohol is decently low and refreshing at 10%. Impeccable balance, great length and complexity. Seriously killer stuff. — 6 days ago

Cassie Nordman
with Cassie
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Joh. Jos. Prüm

Bernkasteler Johannisbrünnchen Riesling Eiswein 2004

Current release at 13 yo, but still a youngster imo. Tbh, I would have decanted this. Nose could have been better, probably muted by some free sulphur in the beginning? Did open up as the night progressed.

Fucking gorgeous! We're talking candied lemon, stone fruits, smoke (intense!), honey, fresh herbs, spices, minerality. Light but intense, if that even makes sense for an obscenely sweet wine. In a way, that's a hallmark of Prüm's? It drives it home with the long finish. This was pure (vs. Tba say), without being too pure (vs. Canadian ice wine say; perhaps it's the age?). Hands down the best ice wine I've had!
— 9 days ago

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Charles Smith

Kungfu Girl Washington State Riesling

2015, ABV 12%. Had to keep reminding myself this was officially not a Sauv Blanc. Lemon and grapefruit. Especially lemon. Pleasant Summer quaff to go with grilled chicken, in the rain! Yes, Charlie Smith does some fun labels. WA, Columbia Valley. — 3 days ago

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Influence Wines

Riesling 2013

My experience with Finger Lakes Resiling is that it is either to sweet or the decent offerings are more expensive than better Alsace and German wines so why bother. Not so with this bottle, enjoyed it so much I bought out the stock of my local shop. Honeyed fruit flavors and smokey petrol jump on the nose and continue on the pallet, once the smoke clears it gives way to delicate orange blossom, apricot, and herbal notes. Bright acidity in is very well balanced against the sweetness and fruit. Long viscous finish. Really great. Wouldn't normally age value Resiling or NY Resiling at that, but this strikes me as very ageable. Excited to revisit. — 14 days ago

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Domaine Weinbach

Cuvèe Ste Catherine Alsace Riesling 2002

My first experience with this great Alsatian domaine. Power and finesse! 15 yo and still holding on to it's fruit. Kerosene, apple, flowers, honey, slate, wax, hints of herb. Exceptional palate weight and length. Drink more Alsace!

Note: From vines on richer soils just outside of Scholsberg (lower slope). Neat little find in my hometown of Kuching, Malaysia. Thank goodness for Vintec for keeping this fresh for presumably >10 years in a hot and humid environment. Cork was in perfect condition too!
— 4 days ago

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Garden of Earthly Delights Riesling 2016

Excellent value. A well-made rizza imo. 1/3 in ceramic egg on skins, 2/3 in ss tank high solids. Not phenolic at all, but textured (some careful fining here?). Bone dry. Lemon sherbet, floral terpenes, some kerosene tdn building. Fleshy also comes to mind. An utterly delicious drink.

Note: Was suppose to analyse this back at KW, but I couldn't stop drinking it. Yum!
— 8 days ago

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Rasa Vineyards

The Composer Sagemoor Vineyards Riesling 2013

David T

The Composer is a 100% Riesling and spent 18 month on fine lees in neutral oak barrels. On the nose; tropicals, cream, citrus, gentle spice and white & yellow lilies. On the palate, lemon meringue, apple, pear, tropicals, citrus blend, guava, honeycomb, peach, leehies, very light petrol, white & yellow lilies & nicely rounded acid with a rich, polished finish. Photos of; their private tasting room, tasting bar and view of their estate vines from the winery. All Raza wines are made in very small production...175 cases or less. — 18 hours ago

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Long Shadows Wineries

Poet's Leap Columbia Valley Riesling 2015

David T

On the nose, creamy lemons, lime, green apple, pear no skin, notes of honey, green melon and yellow lilies. It's a stunner at first entry. Fresh, delicate and beautiful. Ripe round fruits of; lemon, lime, green apple, pineapple flesh, green melon, pear, white peach, notes of honey, amazing richness, round, lush, thick, elegant and beautiful. All day. Photos of; the tasting room and blown glass chandelier, the staff busy doing packaging and us barrel tasting with their Director of Winemaking & Viticulture, Gilles Nicault. Really nice Riesling for $20. — 5 days ago

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Ayler Kupp

Auslese Riesling 1975

On good form. Golden in colour though still very light for it's age - there was something almost buttery over the way the wine behaved in the glass; nose of honey blossom and apricot flower, with hints of orange peel and fresh hay; rounded and complete, though with slightly low acidity for my taste, particularly for a Saar of this vintage. Tiring a little but it still has a long way to go - like an autumn leaf that has just started turning colour but has a full few months of aged tranquility before it drops of the tree. — 7 days ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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My goodness, what a treat!


GG Hermannshöhle Riesling 2016

Elegance and power. A beautifully made wine. Striking minerality, intense stoniness. The fruit comes later: pineapple, nectarine, with saltiness and limeyness at the end. Coming from 49 year old vines, and below 4g RS. Stealing your soul! So intense. — 5 days ago

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