Pesaresi, Pesaro Urbino

Fattoria La Valentina

Colline Pescaresi Bianco Pecorino

Everything I want in a wine after a long day on my feet. Refreshing, crisp, nice minerality. — 6 months ago

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Matthew Bricker

Matthew Bricker

I love this wine!

Azienda Agricola Claudio Morelli

Terrazze Bianchello del Metauro Bianchello

Crisp, clean, refreshing. A lovely delicious light white. — 2 years ago


Sessanta Passi Pecorino 2015

Nice tannins. — 3 years ago

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Corrado Tonelli

Visner Di Pergola Sangiovese blend

Come fine serata, per gli amanti sel dolce, è stupendo!
Con i soliti cantucci o una crostata lascia una nota meravigliosa in bocca.
Io lo proverei anche (in stagione ovviamente) con ciliegie nelle marure! 🍒😊
— 2 years ago

Azienda Agricola Roberto Lucarelli

La Ripe Bianchello del Metauro

Apples on the nose, cherries on the tongue. Tasty. — 2 years ago

Cantine Mucci

Extra Dry Spumante White Blend

Off dry, rich, yeasty, elderflower and peach pit. A bit of petrol on the nose — 3 years ago

Patrick McKee
with Patrick


Abruzzo Pecorino

Gorgeous percorino — 10 months ago

Azienda Agricola Guerrieri

Celso Bianchello del Metauro Superiore 2016

Super cool white. Big cold smells and flavors as it warms. Lemon zest orange zest to white peach and a light honeyed smell!
Pallatte leaves nothing to chance, big fruit with all.of the above and solid granite running through. More than anough acidity drives this home(hello Italy) and begs for some food. Everyone says white flowers, I'd call Jasmine but it is just as much light honey. A touch of smoke is also evident, wouldn't be surprised if this saw a touch of new oak. 9 points for surprising me.
— 2 years ago

Torre Raone

Colline Pescaresi Bianco

Bright, with lots of fresh ripe fruit in the nose. A mouthful of melons, citrus, hay and grass. Clean finish. Perfect with chicken roasted with 40 cloves of garlic. — 3 years ago