Orange County, Central Region

Di Bruno

Sangiovese 2015

Bruno just killed it again. Best expression of Sangiovese in SB region — 21 days ago

Blenheim Vineyards

Painted Red Cabernet Franc Blend 2016

Needed to break out another big VA red for tonight’s Caps game. Down to my last couple 2016 Painted Reds - this was a great one! — 2 months ago

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Ron from VA

Ron from VA

Thx for sharing your notes! I recently opened a ‘12 and was delighted! What vintage has wow’d you the most?
Laura Purdy

Laura Purdy

@Ron from VA I think 2014 was one of my all time favorites

Gabriele Rausse

Albemarle County Cabernet Franc

Chasselas from Virginia!?? I’m back home in Switzerland! — 6 months ago

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@Rodney Rosser Cheers 🍷


Santa Barbara County Chardonnay

Nice new California style Chardonnay from exciting region in Santa Barbara....made from extra grapes of four vineyards sites which are used in all single vineyards line...great layered complexity ...clean crisp fruit but subtle cereal notes and finishes lingers with a salinity ...nice!! — 2 months ago


Paso Robles Viognier 2016

$19 in Orange County whole foods. Balanced. Acid refreshes your pallet for more spicy seafoods like gumbo, steam kettle hot pots, etc. — 3 months ago

Barboursville Vineyards

Reserve Virginia Barbera 2016

Top5 year-over-year Best Value in VA - this medium weight, truly Italian styled, food dancer is a winner every time. Fantastic for all those week night meals that need acid + cheerfulness. Complete! — 2 months ago

Kenneth Volk

Orange Muscat 2012

Nina M

Lovely desert wine — 3 months ago

Horton Vineyards

Orange County Viognier

LOVE a viognier! — 3 months ago

Gilbert Family Wines

Blanc Pinot Gris Blend 2018

Scott C

A great blend . Almost light rose in colour . Very interesting , nice acidity and long . Great wines being made in the Orange region — 7 months ago