Luciano Sandrone

Le Vigne Barolo Nebbiolo 2013

This afternoon was a treat having the 2013 Luciano Sandrone La Vigne Barolo.

On the nose was some alcohol at first that blew off with a little time, cherry, raspberry, strawberry, licorice, tar, clove, rose petal, leather and earth.

On the palate you will find cherry, raspberry, plum, licorice, clove, mint, spice and dusty earth.

This wine is full bodied and a powerful mouthfeel with medium + acidity and medium + to high smooth sandy tannins that leads to a long elegant fruit finish. A beautiful wine that won't disappoint. Enjoy the coming weekend and please stay safe. Nostrovia! 🍷🍷🍷🍷
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David T

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Nice producer. πŸ·πŸ‘

Renato Motalli

Valgella Valtellina Superiore Nebbiolo 2010

Needs a few hours of air time to strut, but then shows wet river stone minerality, fragrant bitter cherry, and a floral note. Lean but flavorful in the mouth, with loads of barely ripe cherry, and lots of savory minerals. Tannins and acids are present but well integrated. Very nice. β€” 4 days ago

Lyle Fass
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Lyle Fass

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Got one on deck soon.


Serralunga d'Alba Barolo Nebbiolo 2000

Delicious tannins that have smoothed out with age but still have some kick... this is mostly red fruit and some sweet something that I can’t pinpoint.. the acidity makes me come back for another sip... the nose is not that strong yet again I am recovering from a cold so maybe I am missing something...faint hints of rose petals and cranberries?? This could have gone for a while longer but I needed my Barolo tonight!! β€” 11 days ago

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Giovanni Rosso

Serralunga d'Alba Barolo Nebbiolo 2013

This wine pours a darker color that is a mix of purple and brown. Nose of mint and black tea with black cherry and cocoa. Entry is dirty raspberry, young tobacco, cherry blossoms, black tea, fig. Youthful. Middle is more black cherry fruity, but structured, structured, structured. And tight. Finishes with acidity, raspberry and black cherry backbone, walnuts, pepper. And oak. Still has a decade of life at a minimum. Drinking well, but if my will power can hold on to the others for another 5 years, it will be a 95 for sure. β€” 6 days ago

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Clerico Massimo

Lessona Nebbiolo Riserva 2010

Fabulous nebbiolo from Alto Piemonte. If this came from one of the β€œB” appellations down south, it would cost 4-5 times as much. The high altitude of Lessona really brings an extra dimension to the grape. Downside is only 40 hectares to the entire DOC, so if you can find one, get it! β€” 5 days ago

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Ryan Vento

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I've had the '08 twice and enjoyed both bottles. Would like to try the '10 sometime. Cheers.


Bricco Boschis Barolo Nebbiolo 2013

Expensive ($60-90ish depending on your location) but worth it. Young at 6 years after harvest, but better the 2nd day. Not even the slightest perceptible flaw, this is a bright sour cherry Barolo that will certainly improve with time in bottle. Changes in the glass over time, this is a balanced traditionally-produced bottle. β€” 10 days ago

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Elio Altare

Vigna Bricco Cerretta Barolo Riserva Nebbiolo 2012

Stuck in NYC with 6 hour plane delay and decided to try a modern Barolo - no regrets at all. Most of my Barolos are old school and will be suitable for my children to drink when they are my age, plus 6 hours isn’t enough for the decant. Here I popped and poured and this was singing today. Medium body, floral, balsamic, cherry, some wood, and firm black tea tannins. Definitely not overdone, very balanced. β€” 5 days ago

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Franco Conterno

Sette 7 Anni Riserva Barolo Nebbiolo 2010

Lyle Fass

Lovely nose. Cherry, ashes, spices, fall leaves, tar, even cayenne, sweet spices as well. Smells very substantial. Big, ripe and tannic. Nice freshness and purity but a very large scaled wine. Huge concentrated fruit and very dense. Needs 2-4 hours. Judgement slightly deferred. Will come back. β€” 2 days ago

Matthew Cohen
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Giovanni Manzone

Bricat Barolo Nebbiolo 2013

Bringing the power, the 2013 Bricat is packed with dark cherry, plums, roses and tar. Everything you want from a great Barolo. A very sturdy wine with enough structure and balance to last decades but seriously pleasurable now. β€” 3 days ago

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Paolo Scavino

Bricco Ambrogio Barolo Nebbiolo 2004

This is still a baby. Tannins are massive. Cherry and rose is almost non-existent. Some meatiness this throws me to an old tempranillo, odd I know. Awesome. But I should have let it go longer.

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β€” 3 days ago

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