Monterey County, Central Coast

Le P'tit Paysan

Le P'tit Pape Monterey County Grenache Blend 2015

Impressive central coast version of Chateauneuf du Pape. Very enjoyable — 2 days ago

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Mike Ancuta

Mike Ancuta

Where did you pick this up, looks interesting to try?

Dirty & Rowdy

Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyard Mourvedre

Are you Fing kidding me???? This is just bonkers in so many ways. Would have pegged this as burgundy from the nose on this. Slight meaty reduction that gives way to gorgeous red fruit and stony minerality. I cannot get enough of this. Literally. This does not exist anymore. @Hardy Wallace you’re pretty decent at this whole wine thing. You should make more. 💯 — 2 days ago

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Cotes du Crow's Grenache Syrah 2016

ripe, almost jammy raspberry, boysenberry. silky, medium weight, medium but soft tannins , medium - acid. juicy and easy in the best kind of way. — 2 days ago

Odd Lot

Monterey County Petite Sirah Petit Verdot 2015

Sweet, smooth, and full of flavor — 4 days ago

Esser Vineyards

Monterey County Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Soy sauce, black peppercorn, green olive, cassis, and clove. Dark red fruits, mocha and earthy notes stand out on the palate. Well balanced, juicy, and soft. More of an old world feel. Very solid weeknight drinker. #garyveewineclub — 5 days ago

Robert Mondavi Winery

Private Selection Aged in Bourbon Barrels Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

I was very pleased with this wine. The bourbon barrel aging adds a nice touch of sweetness, vanilla or caramel notes and some smoke...all on the backend. The nose has some BlackBerry or cassise. I enjoyed this with a nice Asian dish of soy glazed chicken with spicy brussel sprouts and rice. Picked this up at Sam's for $12 and will check Costco. Great price point with way! Enjoy..... — 12 days ago

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Cuvée R Rancho Solo Grenache 2014

100% Grenache from sunny and beautiful Monterey, CA.
Nose has an earthy, grilled cherry/blackberry, rosemary and lavender.
Palate has a beautiful dark fruit compote, leather, mineral dust and fading oak/vanilla influence.
A much better bottle with an addition year of resting, since our prior experience. Tannins have mellowed, but the finish persists. 2022+ on future bottles.

24hr Update: Stunning flavors of ripe plum, cherry and light baking spice. This garners an extra point (92->93) today!
— 23 days ago

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David T

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You I’m having my BSR but not going to post it! 😂
Severn Goodwin

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NP, I think I know what your notes will look like. 😸
David T

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Fetzer Vineyards

Monterey County Gewürztraminer

Due to my family’s preference of sweeter wine, I opened up this Fetzer Gewürztraminer to have with Thanksgiving Dinner. Definitely good, but if you aren’t much of a sweet white fan you may want to steer clear. I mainly got notes of apricot. — 9 days ago

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Phil A

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@Jason Guyett Jason looks great Happy Thanksgiving Cheers 🍗🍷🇨🇦
Jason Guyett

Jason Guyett

@Phil A thanks Phil, to you as well!

Martian Ranch & Vineyard

Ground Control Grenache Noir 2013

Nan Helgeland makes extraordinary wines because she pays attention both to the wines and the people making them. That’s a whole other story though. This wine: red red fruits for sure(cran-rasp-blackrasp) well balanced but the tannins are gonna play hard to get, then they flirt with you then hide again. It’s intriguing — 3 days ago

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Robert Evans Jr

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@Kristin the Wine Girl @Ellen Clifford we are doing a get together in NYC on 10/23 a bunch of us
Ellen Clifford

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@Kristin the Wine Girl that would be fantastic! Where in the country are you? I forget...
Ellen Clifford

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@Robert Evans Jr @Kristin the Wine Girl alas I will be in Los Angeles on the 23rd. A delectable meeting should happen sometime though! I’ll likely be at the San Diego Somm Con if anyone is going...

J. Lohr

Arroyo Vista Chardonnay 2012

Buttery but not too strong, citrus aftertaste — 8 days ago