Toscana Merlot 1997

Shay A

An absolutely stunning lunch from @joe leatherwood today. 1 sparkler, 2 whites, 5 reds and 1 dessert wine. All served blind.

Insert expletive here. Wow. So beautifully bright and clean. Total balance. Dark ripe black cherries, dark chocolate dipped blackberries, and baked rhubarb tart. So much red and black fruit here! Definitely some fig, cherry cordial and truffle on the palate. It’s powerful without being overbearing. Tough call, but I ended up settling on early ‘00s Bordeaux. Is this the pinnacle of merlot?
— 17 days ago

joe leatherwoodDan FitzgeraldMark Flesher
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Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

Insane wine. Served blind between a 2001 Joseph Phelps Insignia and a 1998 Chateau Haut Brion. This and the HB were my favorites. But, this wine, despite its solid Merlot backbone, was extremely similar to the 97 Phelps and HB. Dark, rich blackberry and black cherry on the nose and palate. But, this one develops a hint of dried cacao and black tea in the middle. Fig, mushroom, and dried red and black fruits. A little more brambly on the finish than the 97 Insignia or the 98 Haut Brion but this is what endeared it to the aged New York strip loin that it was served with. I think this one is right at the top of the hill, and about to head downward probably in the next few years. If you have these, consider yourself extremely lucky and fortunate, and start drinking them now.
Arden Barnett

Arden Barnett

Dream wine. What an amazing lineup!
Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

We nearly tripped over ourselves. 🦄 wine!

Fattoria Petrolo

Galatrona Merlot 2012

I don't care what Sideways said, I love Merlot. Right Bank at heart. And it's done well in Tuscany too (hello, Masseto). Petrolo's top wine Galatrona from 2012 is a ripe Merlot. Mocha, cherries and spice come together deliciously. We enjoyed this wine at a terrific Japanese steakhouse in Williamsburg called Salt + Charcoal. Fatty, salty, juicy red meat with a big Merlot... kampai! indeed. — 2 years ago

Cara Zimmerman
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Severn Goodwin

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Right on, great stuff. I'm sitting on some 2004's on this one.

Tenuta dell'Ornellaia

Bolgheri Red Bordeaux Blend 1998

This was much more open than the Masseto showing a beautiful nose of fruits & spice. — 23 days ago

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Château Rayas

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Grenache 1995

Bday wines. Fun night. 1995 Rayas right in prime drinking window. Roulot was WOTN for some. My fave was the 2015 Masseto. No apologies for drinking this so young as it’s incredible. Have a few laid down to see how it evolves. — 5 months ago

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Dominio de Pingus

Ribera del Duero Tempranillo 2003

One of the most stunning & beautiful wines I've ever enjoyed, and I've tasted many of the worlds best wines over last 30 years. A 1966 Leoville Las Cases is a close #2, a 1982 Mouton Rothchild, 1989 Pinchon- Longueville, 1997 Masseto, 1997 Insignia, 1997 Dominus, 2001 Termanthia, 2003 Clos de Papes... — 8 months ago

Tenuta San Guido

Bolgheri Sassicaia Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc 2004

Easily the best Super Tuscan I’ve ever had (Smokes 02 Masseto) — 2 years ago

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The Mascot

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

@hwharlan, truly delicious wine. I may be naive or silly: tried this twice, don't know the blend. However; in my mind's heart this reminds me of a great Masseto. Very nicely done!! — 3 years ago

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Sanjay Sadhu

Sanjay Sadhu

My favorite. A younger version for sure!
Juan Menendez

Juan Menendez

@Sanjay Sadhu i used to hit a restaurant in Tokyo where a customer and I went through about a case and a half of perfectly aged Masseto. The prices were unbelievably low. On one trip I went there 4 nights in a row just for the wine.

Blankiet Estate

Paradise Hills Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2002

Shay A

An absolutely stunning lunch from @joe leatherwood today. 1 sparkler, 2 whites, 5 reds and 1 dessert wine. All served blind.

You know you are living right when this wine is probably number five out of five reds on the table. Sounds like a slight, but with two old vintages of Insignia, older Masseto, and older Haut Brion, that’s stiff competition. Compared to those other four reds, there was more sweet fruit here. Dark fruit has softened to more of a black cherry medley, but the red fruit is still nicely tart and youthful. I picked up licorice and juicy blackberries here, both of which took me to South America for my guess. Not much herbal or secondary notes here...impressive fruit at 17yrs.
— 17 days ago

joe leatherwoodDan FitzgeraldMark Flesher
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Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

Tasted blind and out of a magnum vs the last experience of 5 months ago where this one was tasted from 750. This experience was definitely better and I would say two solid points higher than the February experience. 5th of five red wines in a blind lineup. However, I think if this one was poured out of a 750 it would have shown more age than the vintage suggested. Tasted very similar to the Phelps 01 Insignia out of 750. But those two could not compare to the 97 Insignia, 98 Haut Brion, and 97 Ornellaia Masseto. If served on a table of its own, no one would be disappointed or complain. But this was in a lineup of dynamite reds and was not in contention for the medal stand!

Hundred Acre Vineyard

Kayli Morgan Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Nic Z

Ink purple. Beautiful, extraordinary nose of creme de cassis and graphite. Full bodied, reminded me of a good Masseto. Totally drinkable now — a year ago

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Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (DRC)

Richebourg Pinot Noir 2004

Are you crazy??? Who opens this after 6-7 others....well we did and it was beautiful. I just couldn't bear to see Masseto 2012 opened so we suffered with this instead. A fantastic wine. Incredible. — 3 years ago

Richard GallosRichard LernerMichael Allison
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David L

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That would've been the first thing I opened. @Rob Sternthal