Douloufakis Winery

Liatiko 2020

WotN. Friendly transparency with pink red fruits and versatility at the table. Who knew? — 17 days ago

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Douloufakis Winery

Amphora Latiko 2016

100% Latiko from the Island of Crete. Light garnet color. “Pinot Noir-like” in appearance and body style. Aged in amphora. Aromas of dried red fruits minerals and dusty earth. Pallet features bright red and black berry fruit, figs and herbs. Tingling acidity. There is some tannin here. Solid quality. Great sipper! — a year ago

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Diamantakis Winery

Petali Liatiko 2018

Cherry, liquorice and leather in what is a surprisingly light wine. Very lovely, medium bodied and fruity. Yes to the mild gingerbread spice. — 3 years ago


Liatiko 2022

Raspberry red, light to moderate pigment extraction, excellent clarity. Black currant and cherry aromas, light body, alcohol, juicy red fruit flavors with seed and skin tannins on finish. Acidity and fruit remind me of drinking cranberry juice, but this is all grape deliciousness. Quaffable and different, good stuff. Give the tannins a couple of hours to resolve. A licorice-like aftertaste will emerge alongside the red fruit flavor. — 9 months ago

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Nice ruby color. 🍷

Toplou Monastery

Red Sweet Table Wine

Liatiko grape - dry sweet 12.5% alcohol dessert wine. Natural — 2 years ago

Ayrarakis Wines

Kedros Liatiko Rosé Blend 2019

lovely 🇬🇷 rose from indigenous liatko grape.

creamy unripe red fruit with grapefruit pith and peel.
— 3 years ago

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Kompsos Liatiko 2011

Weird, super light weight wine from Crete - really good!! (Augusta) — a year ago

Domaine Economou

Mirabello Dry Red Blend 2015

A very different Liatiko / Mandalaria blend. Kind of fruity cherry to start yet earthy in the finish. No tannins. Not like any other wine I have had but delicious. — a year ago


Liatiko 2018

Really good. I know nothing about Greek wines. But for $20, this is superb. Well balanced. My kind of wine. Buy more. — 2 years ago

Agelakis Winery

Cornelia Syrah Blend 2016

Souda bay, Greece. Dry & perfect. Less than 20 euro — 5 years ago