Ayrarakis Wines

Kedros Liatiko Rosé Blend 2017

An intense and complex wine - notes of strawberry, cherry, orange, green herbs, and minerals. A bit of tomato on the palate as well. Feels rather unconventional and confusing of a wine so it may not be to everyone’s suiting - especially considering it’s high alcohol content. That said, it’s a fine wine that I’ll certainly look forward to enjoying again. — 14 days ago

Domaine Economou

Oikonomoy Sitia Liatko 1999

Cathy Corison

This is delicious. Lovely bottle development. Perfumed. Guessed it was Burgundy, blind. Liatiko/Mandilari. — 3 years ago

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Mrs Corison, Yiannis Economou, has produced some of the best wines ever in Greece. His wines are so pure, balanced with depth and many surprises since he ages them a few years. Total production 30.000 bottles. If you like them you should also search for Tatsis Goumenissa older vintages also available, an appellation in northern Greece. Produced with Xinomavro & about 15% Negoska. Open bottle 4-9 hours ahead, younger-older bottle. Imported by the same person Dionysi Grevenitis Selection.
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Economou is one of best winery visits you will ever have. The winery is in the Village of Ziros up in the hills above Sitia. Yiannis took the roof off of his Grandmother's old homestead to drop the fermentation tanks into home. Must visit.


Web Economou produces some of the best wines price-quality ratio I've ever tasted!

Agelakis Winery

Cornelia Syrah Blend 2016

Souda bay, Greece. Dry & perfect. Less than 20 euro — 8 months ago

Daskalaki Winery (Silva Wines)

Psithiros Red Blend

Very unique dry red. Earth floor, old world style wine — a year ago


Dafnios Liatiko 2014

Lighter body than expected, good spice and bite — 4 years ago

Domaine Economou

Oikonomoy Crete Liatiko 2012

a nose like many Greek wines, but way more texture and complexity. apricot, peach, mineral, ah fuck, anything I say the morning after is totally cliched. really great. — 4 years ago

Felix Salmon
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Ayrarakis Wines

Aggelis Liatiko Red Dry Wine 2017

One of my favorite (young) liatikos ever. Super bright acidity. — 9 months ago

Toplou Monastery

Liatiko-Mandilaria Blend

Not bad at all — 2 years ago

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Oikonomou Winery

Crete Liatiko Rosé 2014

Wild, earthy, dried red fruits and dried flowers, Pinot-like body, yeast, funk. Remember loving this last summer, evolving in a very interesting direction, a rose worth following — 3 years ago

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