Estate Paso Robles Rosé Blend 2023

Perfect bottle for a picnic in Paso — 9 hours ago

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Côte à Côte Estate Paso Robles Grenache Blend 2012

These are nice — a month ago

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Optimus Estate Willow Creek District Red Blend 2014

Woof. Dark cherry berry balanced power fruity goodness. Sense of place. — 3 months ago

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with See and Rubychick
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Optimus Willow Creek District Red Blend 2050

It is rich, but without chaos and exaggeration. Dark fruit: mainly black currant, some plum. Then: cocoa, a bit vanilla and smoky. It stings lips and tongue with pepper. — 9 days ago


Estate Cuvee Blanc White Rhone Blend 2022

Yummmmmm!!!! — 3 months ago

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Top Winery

L'aventure Vineyard Grenache Roussane

Wowza 😳Delicious is an understatement — 5 months ago

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Optimus Paso Robles Syrah Blend

At onyx wine bar in Camarillo — 10 months ago

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Estate Cuvée Paso Robles Syrah Blend 2020

Needs time for sure. With some air it was drinking great. — a month ago

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Optimus 20th Anniversary Willow Creek District Red Blend 2018

Great nose. Rich and lovely. With air this one is really nice. Long finish. The blend here is interesting compared to the others he makes. I’ve kinda betting it’s a higher Syrah mix but need to check. — 2 months ago

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Norman Gennaro

Norman Gennaro Premium Badge

Btw I like this label better than the white one, if anyone cares about label look.

Les Freres Mignon

L'Aventure 1er Cru - Blanc de Blancs Chardonnay

Crisp and fresh from the very jump. Fine perlage with tiny little bubbles. The nose features lemon zest and wonderful minerality up front, with a blast of citrus. There’s some apple and butter, along with almonds and the barest hint of cherries. Very pretty.

Chardonnay from Avize, Cramant, and Cuis and the terroir sings here. Very open and inviting instantly. There’s a touch of maturity here that surprised me. The balance is very nice and everything is just so perky. The attack on the palate has intense citrus on the tongue with a little touch of dried herbs and white tea. Long and enjoyable from the first sip to the last.
— 6 months ago

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