Oberhäuser Brücke GG Riesling Trocken 2018

Wish I could tell you that I tasted the TBA, but silly me (and CW) decided we'd wait until we've tasted all the drier wines before moving on to this... then poof! None left. Sigh. Heard that it's amazing though and the hammer price seems to indicate so - 1020€ 0.375L, 2750€ 0.75L, and 18000€ 1.5L. Insane!

As for the GG, that I did taste. Again, take my notes with a grain of salt given how brief the occasion was. Very fruit driven, ranging from yellow stone fruits to exotic fruits, both on the nose and palate. Nose is beautifully touched by herbal notes. Noticeable sweetness on the palate. Excellent acidity, but I felt the finish was somewhat muted by a touch of warmth in the finish. Needs time to bring more balance. I thought it was a good GG, but trumped by the 18' ADL that it was tasted with on both occasions. 200€ 0.75L

NB: The usual suspects (at least for me) delivered the best dry rieslings at the Nahe VDP auctions. Some brief notes and in order of my favourites:

1) Emrich-Schonleber 18' Auf der Lay: My wine of the auction. Such a beautiful nose - Stone fruits, citrus, just the right amount of greenness (fresh cut herbs and grass), and a real chalky feel. The palate is just so saline, intense, deep, and balanced. Amazing drive. Almost as good as the 17'! 270€ 1.5L and 720€ 3.0L

2) Philipp Kuhn 18' Philippsbrunnen: Wow wow! Surprise of this auction. Precise, elegant, juicy, and so mineral. The nose is airy and cool. Multi-layered palate with sufficient extract. Gentle power comes to mind with this wine. I absolutely adored it and definitely one of the best buys this auction. 105€ 0.75L

3) Keller 18' Pettenthal: What can I say? The terroir is just so strong (taste any producer producing Pettenthal and you'll know) and KP does a great job at turning up the dial to 150%! Admittedly, the doesn't have the electricity of the 17' :( 800€ 0.75L

4) Wagner-Stempel 18' EMT: Better than the 17' I feel, but definitely still on the austere side. Some noticeable phenolics on the palate, but the density and depth is just plain impressive. Excellent value if you ask me. 100€ 0.75L

Lastly, something needs to said about the Wittmann La Borne and Battenfeld-Spanier Zellertal Kreuzberg - I don't get why people are paying so much for these wines (270€ and 210€ respectively).
— 2 months ago

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Bob McDonald

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@Aaron Tan Thanks for the excellent summation of these young Rieslings.
Aaron Tan

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@Bob McDonald 😁 The auctions are a great way to sort of check in on producers and how they did in the vintage I feel.

Weingut Helga May

Bodenheimer Kreuzberg Rotwein Trocken Dornfelder 2007

Light-bodied, sweet & dry. Great with a light summer meal. — 4 years ago

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Ahr Trocken Blanc De Noir 2016

Just OK. Wouldn't buy a case. — 2 years ago

Weingut Josef Fischer-Ahnen

Ried Kreuzberg Federspiel Grüner Veltliner 2014

A great gruner with medium acid and a solid balance of fruit, tart and effervescence. What a great wine to have with the Austrian masterpieces put out by Cafe Katja. — 3 years ago

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Kreuzberg Ahrweiler Spätburgunder 2008

2008 vintage. Medium garnet. Amazing nose. Mineral and stoney, savoury and appealing. Coffee and wild blackberry. On the palate, spicy as hell. Medium plus acidity and medium body. Light tannins. Long finish. Very particular and not that subtle. But I like it. Drink now until 2026. — 4 years ago


Devonschiefer Spätburgunder 2011

2011 vintage
Тощий, холодный, но изящный стиль. Сейчас вину надо чуть-чуть подышать, чтобы раскрыться. Вначале в аромате ощущаются сталь, красная смородина, легчайшая дымность. В раскрытии появляются земляника, подлесок, можжевельник, глубина. Во вкусе добавляются калина, клюква, молодая вишня. Легкое тело, свежая кислотность, жилистая структура. Неглубоко, но очень естественно, чисто и прозрачно.
— 5 years ago

with Rin
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Weingut Klosterhof Schwedhelm

Zellertal Kreuzberg Riesling 2014

Lyle Fass

Mineral, peaches, creamy, so clean. Expansive minerals. Elegant and precise. Very pure. Excellent complex mouthfeel. Spiciness and herbs and faboosh finish. Juicy and lean. Very elegant. — 3 years ago

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Pinot Noir

Light color, fruity and well balanced. — 4 years ago


Hardtberg Erste Lage GG Pinot Noir 2008

Frühburgunder! Quote good, long finish, deep, well balanced. Great! — 4 years ago