The Judge Napa Valley Chardonnay 2016

Mike R

Smiles beyond belief
Everyone should do a virtual wine tasting with the
@David L @Ron R @Shay A @Eric LaMasters @Bill Bender @joe lucca @Carl Fischer @shawn rose and me

We just did one and so much fun
My first wine of the the night was the 2016 Kongsguard the judge - off the hook good - a little early but so damn good
— 9 hours ago

Joe LuccaDavid LShay A
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Eric LaMasters

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Amazingly handsome fellows there!!
Shay A

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@Eric LaMasters : I agree...some of Carl, Bill and Shawn’s best pics to date.
Bill Bender

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😂 @Shay A you know @Mike R‘s heart is so big there’s no room for photography and formatting skills


Grenache-Syrah Blend 2006

Powerful! Deep purple color. Smokey and meaty. I like it, but might be overpowering for some. — 3 months ago


Variation One Red Blend 2007

Shay A

Arietta Wines lunch with owner Fritz. We were able to taste through some current releases as well as some reserve wines Fritz brought with him personally. A treat to enjoy these Andy Erickson wines!

Definitely the most fun wine on the table. Merlot and Syrah blend. I believe this is around the time John Kongsgaard was leaving and Andy Erickson was arriving. Quite wild, and both sweet and savory. Black cherry tart, peppercorn crusted rhubarb, red licorice, and a sweet smoke to the nose. Tangy red fruits, espresso and cocoa bits on the palate with a finish that shows tea leaf and fig. Delicious!
— 4 months ago

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Bryan Kesting

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@Shay A : Great wine, Shay. I enjoyed the last one of these had.


Napa Valley Chardonnay 2014

Opened with Coravin. Rating it as if I had opened the bottle and decanted. With air this just gets better and better. — 8 days ago

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David L

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Just starting to show off. The 14s are ready to go. Will be in its prime for many years. 


Napa Valley Syrah 2012

Absolutely brilliant! — 2 months ago

Mark Dave Harris
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Arista Winery

El Diablo Vineyard Chardonnay 2016

16’Arista UV-EL Diablo Chardonnay. What makes these wines so absolutely fantastic since 2013...to me it is obvious, Matt has turned this winery around. If you like a hammer style Chardonnay such as Kongsgaard/Morlet/Peter Michael. This is not necessarily your wine.
Chardonnay that’s not heavily coded by let’s say vanilla Bean “You guess it”Elegance/finesse/balanced & CLASSY. Unlike his Ferren Wines (Love them)this has slightly less punch. Highly recommend.
— 3 months ago

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David L

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@Shay A Similar to the Ferren Lancel Creek. IMO... it’s even better. Fruits more drawn out. Ever so slightly less oak.
David L

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@Bryan Kesting Must try these Chardonnay’s
Bryan Kesting

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@David L: I have a 2014 Banfield. I need to seek out more!


Brut Rosé Champagne Blend

David T

Onto something we love after the Kongsgaard palate burn.

Never disappoints, consistent, rich, ripe deep red fruits with just the right amount of minerality & chalkiness.

Some acid to pair with vinaigrette salad.


Photos of, the House of Ruinart, painting of Founder Dom Thierry Ruinart, their caves & Grand Cru Vineyards.
— a month ago

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Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Balance of fruit and perfume. — 3 months ago


Napa Valley Albariño

Refined and refreshing, almost as good as the Chard from last month — 5 months ago

Jeffrey Long
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