Koehler Ruprecht


Kallstadter Annaberg Spätlese Trocken Chardonnay

2017 vintage. One of the must aromatic Chardonnays that I've ever had. Floral daffodils and gardenia on the nose, along with tropical fruits and some oak spice. Palate of yellow apple, melon, baked pineapple, green fig. — 18 days ago

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Kallstadter Saumagen Kabinett trocken Riesling 2008

Blinded and my WOTN. You know when a wine's open for business, it's simply unbeatable. That being said, even the KR crew was surprised how well this showed. I mean it technically sits near the bottom of their wine range, but we absolutely annihilated the bottle. This line from a CT user pretty much sums up the wine - "Quite intense, but gives the refreshing feeling of mountain spring water". In fact, I thought it was a Spatlese trocken.

Nose of sea spray, grapefruit, pear, anise, fresh green herbs, chamomile and that typical KR dirt. The palate's just so saline, juicy, and spicy. Like biting into the juiciest white nectarine by the ocean. Finishes tart, mineral, and long. Pure finesse!
— 2 months ago

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Santa Ynez Valley Riesling 2014

Semi-sweet, fruity, and refreshing. Riesling the way I like it — 6 months ago


Kallstadter Saumagen Spatlese Riesling 2005

Intoxicating mineral nose of diesel, smoke, rocks, incense and seaweed.
After an hour, mature fruit notes emerge.
APnr 11-06
— a month ago

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Freek Welter

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Halbtrocken Kabinett Riesling 2013

Not sweet. Incredible. Smooth. — 2 months ago


Kabinett trocken Pinot Noir

2017 vintage. Very forest-y with cranberry, crab apple, walnut skin, autumn leaves (both dry and damp), birch, red flowers, pomegranate, dry herbs. Good typicity and balance between earthy and fruit flavors. Definitely in the lighter spectrum and higher acid than any New World examples. — 4 months ago

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Dr. Koehler

Pfandturm Grauburgunder Trocken 2018

Floral and honey. Nice balance lingering tangy finish. Maybe just a touch of RS to balance the acidity. Nicely done. — 6 months ago


Kallstadter Saumagen R Auslese Trocken Riesling 1996

This could easily be the WOTN on any other evening, but there were so many great wines on the table to contend for the title. To be frank, I'm sure everyone had a different favourite during the night. The 96' Saumagen for me was a serious runner-up.

I couldn't even tell it was a KR in the blind. The bouquet was so atypically floral and lacking in that KR "dirt" that I was totally thrown off. It was so fresh, even more so than the 04' medley that preceded, that it would have been impossible for me to have called it a 96'. Great texture and structure. Serious concentration of fruits and herbs. Mandarin, kiwi, preserved lemon, chrysanthemum, smoke, cream, fresh cut herbs. Finished painfully saline, supported by laser sharp acidity. Fantastic stuff. Still a baby after 23 years in bottle.
— a month ago

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Kallstadter Saumagen R Spätlese Trocken Riesling 2009

@Dominik SonaYou're the best! Walks off into the cellar, comes out carrying a massive bottle in a sleeve that could barely cover the label. I just love how ridiculous magnum riesling bottles look! I mean, we could see that it's a Koehler-Ruprecht for sure and the table shot straight to a warm vintage on the first sip (warm finish). Didn't take long for Franzi to identify the vintage and the rest of the pieces fell together subsequently (the body = spatlese, forget identifying the "R"). Guess making wines at the winery itself helps 😂

What to say about this wine? It's pretty intense, but the acidity and minerals kept it in check. Finely strung with pitch-perfect tension. This is the kind of wine that needs very little to push it over the edge into the hedonistic territory. Begs for time (like other 09's), as it's true elegance only revealed itself with air (bring on the crushed rocks and chamomile!). The nose is deep, with exotic fruit aromas, flint, toasted almond, florals, and that classic KR funk. Immense palate with lots of lychee and grapefruit, plus superb minerality with air. Creamy and long finish. Yes, the wine finishes a little warm and could be touch more focus, but it's a real class act for 09'! Power without weight, if you ask me.
— 2 months ago

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John Howard

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You know the producer is good when people you are doing harvest with from Germany race over in the wine shop to buy their wines.
Aaron Tan

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@John Howard Haha. It was more like I came by their winery to disturb their harvest. Incidentally, the KR guys do run a wine shop/import company, bringing in some Cali wines to Germany.
John Howard

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Very cool!