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Reserve Kiona Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Smells like a classic cali cab -

Pomegranate, eucalyptus, dark cherry, savory and subtle. Tannin acid balance in sync with what I want. Less body than one would think, a bit watery in the weight, yet overall good wine.
WA is where it’s at.
— 5 days ago

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Good wine for cooler weather. 🍷

Kiona Vineyards

Estates Cuvée Columbia Valley Red Blend

Quite nice with spaghetti ($10) — 7 months ago

Kiona Vineyards

Red Mountain Lemberger

Bday wine gift — 9 months ago

Kiona Vineyards

Estate Bottled Red Mountain Sangiovese 2020

Fruity, black pepper, jaw tingly, low tannins, light body — 11 days ago

Kiona Vineyards

Red Mountain Reserve Red Bordeaux Blend

Minty hazelnuts - and interesting nose for sure.

Hefty wine, big bodied dark fruits, some mint, tobacco, and stone. A subtle sweetness in the body, with low acidity and grill plank tannins.
— 8 months ago

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Yummy! Cheers!🍷


Kiona Vineyard Pét-Nat Old Vine Lemberger 2018

Paired with Rohan Josh it was the bomb lively acidity that cooled and cleansed and bramble earthiness that echoed the dishes spice flavors — 2 years ago

Kiona Vineyards

Old Block Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Drink now! This is just lovely but maybe not as good next year. It's full of plum, cassis, with seemingly ever lasting full-on ripe Bing cherries. Maybe a hit of blackberries. It's complicated. — a month ago

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Kiona Vineyards

Red Mountain AVA Petite Sirah Syrah

A deep inhalation of retrospective thought…. And raspberry cooli

A very dense wine, this Durif/Syrah split - heavy and beautiful. Blueberry seed, raspberries, cherry skins. Fresh eucalyptus, powdery tannins, high and impressive acids.
Wash state for the win again.
— 6 months ago

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Always great reviews from you! Have a great weekend!🍷

Kiona Vineyards

Red Mountain Chenin Blanc Ice Wine 2001


Interesting opening notes of white apparatus that’s a bit old, drizzled with honey. Just on the edge of tipping over to WTH but stays put on the good side. Balanced palate that’s sweet with varietal sense and medium finish that didn’t linger long. An interesting wine nevertheless. Went great with mooncake! 35%Brix 18% Residual sugar. (No notes on 2006 Riesling Chenin Blanc). — a year ago

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