J.h. Andresen

J.H. Andresen

20 Year Old White Porto Port Blend

Something special. Didn’t really appreciate white port before this — 8 months ago

Barbara Gazley
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J.H. Andresen

Fine White Porto 2003

Warm year but good effort — 4 years ago

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J.H. Andresen

Special Selection Colheita Tawny Porto 1995

Underbart portvin! — 6 years ago

Anna Lampa

Anna Lampa

Single vintage tawny port.

J.H. Andresen

Fine Tawny Porto

Sweet like a port but not overly sweet or heavy! The port that sips like a cab. — 10 months ago

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J.H. Andresen

Royal Choice 20 Year Old Tawny Porto

An excellent 20 year tawny. — 4 years ago

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J.H. Andresen

10 Year Old White Porto Porto 2010

The colour of amber, the smell of Christmas. We may have drunk this 5 years late, but the flavour is all the better for it! — 4 years ago

J.H. Andresen

Special Selection Aged Tawny Porto 1992

Tastes like raisins, slight spice, mellow — 4 years ago

J.H. Andresen

Colheita Porto Blend 1910

Fabien Lainé

One more yes #winelover#winelover#winelover - so far one of the best and oldest #Portwine tasted during my #portugaldiary - Andresen Colheita 1910, sophisticated "back to the future" very old Tawny port #wine - emotional, classy and an endless finish 😊 — 5 years ago

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