Ipa Blend

Russian River Brewing Company

Mind Circus Hazy IPA

They’re always so good. Still can’t understand how there can be such a lovely hop flavor unlike all the others out there trying to compete who has the highest IBU lol — 6 days ago

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Dogfish Head Brewery

120 Minute Imperial IPA

Wow - rich, golden (almost orange?) , caramel / and an ABV that definitely makes it age-worthy if you have the patience. Alas, I do not. — a month ago

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Double Lucky

8 Red Blend 2017

Shay A

Finally got around to watching the Zoom tasting, and gave this about an hour and a half decant (though I did have a small pour at pop and didn’t notice too much of a difference at the end of the decant). I love all Bionic wines (Cayuse, No Girls, Horsepower, Hor Categorie, Champagne CB), so what a treat it was for them to send all members an inaugural bottle free of charge!

This is definitely more in the vein of No Girls, as expected. A blend of Grenache, Tempranillo and Syrah (percentages aren’t given as the blend will be different each year) from young vines, it seems mostly Grenache driven. Very approachable and bright with only a kiss of Cayuse funk. Blind, I think I could get the region right, but I’m not sure I could take it to Cayuse. Aromatically it has savory funk, iron, and classical green/herbal stemmy notes, but the palate reveals a grilled black cherry, black pepper crusted rhubarb, soft wine with an herb and black tea finish that shows more acidity than tannin. Definitely on the consume early side, but would hold easily for a couple years. Looking forward to the official release next year!
— 3 days ago

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Jason and Jennie

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Cool looking forward to trying it


Equity for Punks Punk IPA

Very nice hybrid IPA. Tart and mildly bitter with peach and hop aromatics.

Flavours of peach, apricot and lemon for a zesty finish.

•5.4%%• ABV March 30, 2021 👺
— 23 days ago

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Cigar City Brewing

Florida Man Double IPA

Very nice hops/citrus balance — 17 days ago

Lagunitas Brewing Company

Non-Alcoholic IPA IPNA

For a NA beer really quite good. Has beer taste. It actually reminds me of Founders All Day IPA. A good alternative when you don’t want the alcohol but don’t want soda etc. — 17 days ago

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Sounds like a solid choice!🍻


Mallow Laser Quest Marshmallow & Pineapple Hazy IPA

Quaff this on your carnival ride — 20 hours ago

Melvin Brewing Company

Melvin IPA

Enjoyed it very much - nice hops and not bitter — 19 days ago

Goose Island


Passion fruit — a month ago

Blue Moon Brewing Company

Blue Moon White IPA

It’s that time of year for some daytime poolside drinking! 🍺🌴🌞 — 13 days ago

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Jody Scharf

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Oh yeah 🙂


Cheers! One of my favorites!🍻🌴Gorgeous yard! We just had a spring snowstorm. 🌨
Sharon B

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@Trixie snow?? I would die! I love our weather down here. Even when it’s 100 with 100% humidity! But I have to admit I also love our mild winters. It’s a nice change