Soave Classico Garganega 2017

La Rocca, made from 100% Garganega and aged for 15 months in large barrels. Bright lemon yellow with aromas of tropical fruits and oak notes, very rich and complex. On the palate apple, pear and orange zest with nutty flavors and lively acidity. Smooth and elegant the wine ends with oak, mineral notes and a bit of spice. Nice! Tasting Sample. — 9 days ago

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Recioto di Gambellara Classico Garganega 2015

Herbaceous sweet but still gripping. — 6 days ago

Tenuta di Corte Giacobbe

Soave Garganega

Nice peach and minerals. Crisp finish. — 12 days ago


Monte Carbonare Garganega 2016

Dinner with friends and extended family, notes possibly... — a month ago

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Angiolino Maule

Pico Faldeo Garganega

Sassaia 2017. Крес салат, квашеная капуста, томатный рассол, во вкусе крес салат, соленое, хурма, очень сладкое фруктовое послевкусие и одновременно соленое. Очень интересное, с удовольствием выпью еще. Но до 9 не хватает мне чего-то.
Перепробовал на следующий день, очень сладкое, гораздо больше хурмы.
— 2 days ago


Soave Garganega 2016

Similar to previous note - this guy (along w/Pra) are classic reliable dependable producers in Soave — 14 days ago

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Vicentini Agostino

Il Casale Soave Garganega 2017

16.5/20 (91/100) Красивый аромат с нотами луговых цветов и трав, цедры лайма и грейпфрутового сока. Умеренная тельность, довольно высокая кислотность. Немного спиртуозно во вкусе. Серьезное соаве. — 9 days ago

Giacomo Montresor

Soave Garganega

Pale lemon with aromas of stone and tropical fruits with blossom notes. On the palate peach, apple, pear and lemon zest flavors with some brioche notes. Medium finish fresh ending with mineral notes. Drink now no benefit in aging. I like the ‘17, great integration of fruit. luscious is losing its youthfulness, but still ok. — a month ago

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Il Roccolo

Cinciallegra S.L. Garganega Trebbiano

Not too funky for an orange wine. Notes of wax apple — 12 days ago