Graziano Prà

Otto Soave Classico Garganega 2018

Crisp, classic soave — 7 days ago

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Cantina Valpantena

Torre del Falasco Garganega

Strawberry smell, very nice and smooth. Fruits while drinking and cinnamon after — 14 days ago

Graziano Prà

Colle Sant'Antonio Soave Classico Garganega 2008

16/20 (89/100) Зрелый букет ароматов с нотами нектаринов, манго, ананаса и пчелиных сот. Тельное с умеренной кислотностью. Горчинка во вкусе. На вой взгляд, пару лет назад оно выглядело лучше, но сейчас это тоже весьма приятное вино. — 25 days ago

Tenuta di Corte Giacobbe

Soave Garganega 2017

A beautifully balanced white. Silky mouthfeel with bracing acidity. Typical citrus fruit minerally accents. — 11 days ago

Tenuta Sant'Antonio

Monte Ceriani Vecchie Vigne Soave Garganega 2011

Excellent. With 1st night meal in Venice — 9 days ago

Famiglia Pasqua

'Romeo & Juliet' Passion e Sentimento Bianco Veneto Garganega

Very clear after taste (watery)
Not so hard, goes well with sweet desserts
— 19 days ago


Soave Classico Garganega 2017

Not quite the acidity I’d like to see in this wine, but the richer mouthfeel is welcome. Linear citrus fruit accented by minerality that persists. — 13 days ago


Soave Classico Garganega 2016

One of my favorite soaves. Bright and minerally citrus and white peach flavors make for the perfect hot weather sipper. — 18 days ago