Lautenbach's Orchard Country

Frontenac Gris

Absolute favorite door county wine! — a month ago

Vines & Rushes Winery

Sweet Wisconsin Frontenac 2011

At Winery with Abby and Brice 2020 — 3 months ago

Northern Star Vineyard


Nice acid and fruit. Marquette and Frontenac well done and delicious. — 3 months ago

Pinard & Filles

Frangin Vin Rouge Marquette Frontenac Gris

Raspberry and rhubarb and sour cherry
Lemonade for adults
— 6 months ago


Visions of Gideon Mea Cupla Frontenac Blanc Frontenac Gris

SUPER tart! High acid, smells like apricot and green apple — 2 months ago


Visions of Gideon Lust for Life Barnett Hill Vineyard Frontenac Gris 2019

Ketchup, tomatoes, spices. Juicy, hazy. Everything I want and need. Epitome of what I think of when I want natural wine. — 4 months ago

Wild Mountain Winery

Frontenac Rosé

Mike K

Nicely balanced, a little on the sweet side but overall very good flavor. Enjoyed quite a bit. — 2 months ago

Fable Farm & Fermentory

Vermont Sparkling Petite Pearl Rosé

This was a pleasant surprise, given my last 2 previous Fable bottles were a let down. Petite pearl varietal 90% & Frontenac noir, 10%. Bright, tangy, fresh, effusive & cider like of course! — 3 months ago

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Danzinger Vineyards

Sunset Ridge Red Blend

Excellent red - semi sweet wine made from locally grown cold climate grapes - Frontenac. Wisconsin vineyard with tasting room in beautiful La Crosse Wisconsin. Great with pizza. — 5 months ago