Dr Lippold

Dr. Konstantin Frank

Finger Lakes Gewürztraminer 2019

starting my first Dr Konstantin Frank lineup with his Finger Lanes Gewurztraminer. nose dominated by fresh lychee. getting some some tropical melon and lemon rind, and a little bit of saltwater. tropical is the theme for me. similar on the palate. a very nice win at a bargain price. — 9 days ago

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Dr. Hermann

Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling 2019

So much to love - new in my list @shagbarkrva when we reopen in April! — 20 days ago

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Dr. Bürklin-Wolf

Grosses Gewächs Jesuitengarten Riesling 1999

Impossible to dislike this wine. It’s big and elegant, perfectly balanced and very long. Wow! At that time it was a spätlese trocken. 🚀👊🏻🍾😍 — 18 days ago

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Dr. Loosen

Erdener Treppchen Spätlese Mosel Riesling 2018

John Howard

Complex and a touch sweet. Tasty. — 6 days ago

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Dr. Loosen

Red Slate Trocken Riesling 2019

Slightly floral on the nose. Pear and citrus notes on the palate with good acidity and minerality. Paired well with ham and asparagus. — 9 days ago

Dr. Konstantin Frank

Salmon Run Finger Lakes Chardonnay 2019

Nice unoaked Chardonnay from NY state. — 5 days ago

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Dr. Loosen

Wehlener Sonnenuhr GG Riesling 2017

Funky acidity. Will pair perfect with self smoked salmon. — 25 days ago

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Dr. Bürklin-Wolf

Ungeheuer Riesling 2015

Somewhat reserved on the nose but big and powerful on the palate. Citrus, butter lemon PU the and mineral. Quite alcoholic (13.5%) for a Riesling and it shows in the mouthfeel. — 9 days ago

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Nuttiness and nougat. Clean lines and lovely definition. A bit of play between citrus and stone fruit. Really, a delicious wine. — 10 days ago

Sam Marshmallow
with Sam

Dr. Konstantin Frank

Finger Lakes Cabernet Franc 2016

another winner from the Dr. this is a fruit forward Cab Franc, lighter bodied, cherry raspberry strawberry forward, but also has some mineral and earth character. really nice food wine and a value for less than $20. — 6 days ago

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