Domaine De Marquiliani

Domaine de Marquiliani

Le Rosé de Pauline Rosé Blend 2020

Rose’ only by DNA. It’s really a creamed white, flecks of rose gold. One of those wines that looks more watery than she is. Some textural viscosity, equal parts cream and acid.

Aromas of apple and fennel and white cherry and herbs. Flavors of orchard fruits - pear and apple nicely rounded out.

The Corsican wines I’ve explored lately remind me that really good stuff doesn’t need to shout. They can be complete, and that’s enough.
— 2 months ago

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Sharon B

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That looks and sounds amazing!
Ely Cohn

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@Sharon B i really love these wines

Domaine de Marquiliani

Vin de Corse Rosé Gris de Marquiliani 2019

Peach, sea spray, mineral, long 🔥 — 2 months ago

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Domaine de Marquiliani

Anne Amalric Red Blend

Mild and friendly. Drinking 2017 vintage in March 2021. Smooth no edges. Enjoying on an evening at the cusp of Spring. — 8 months ago

Domaine de Marquiliani

Le Rosé de Pauline Ile de Beauté Rosé Blend

Love the color. Love the way it goes with everything or with nothing. — 6 years ago

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Chanda Williams

Chanda Williams

All-time favorite pink!

Domaine de Marquiliani

Rosé de Pauline 2019

Bright acidity and minerality merge on the palate harmoniously. More please! — 8 months ago

Domaine de Marquiliani

Anne Amalric White Blend

Spectacular portfolio headliner rose from Marquiluani. I have the darker of the two rose’s they make but this is on its own very pale pink. It has elegant savory rosemary and tarragon with subtle strawberry melon accents. The mouth is a symphony of herbal flavors playing with some weight and stringent acidity. It is elegant, powerful, concentrated, and one of the best rose’s I’ve taken home. If you can find it definitely get a handful. It’s from the Kermit Lynch portfolio. — 4 years ago

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Domaine de Marquiliani

Vin de Corse Rosé de Sciaccarellu

If cotton candy were dry, not sweet...Outstanding. — 6 years ago