District 7

Teleda Ltd. Kisiskhevi, Telavi, Georgia

ORGO cuvée Kisi Blend 2018

ORGO cuvée Kisi, Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli. Produced by: Teleda Ltd. Kisiskhevi, Telavi, Georgia. Купаж Киси, Мцване, Ркацители. С большим трудом ввезено. В Москве не сыскать. Изготовлено по европейской технологии. Для меня пахнет моим любимым, очень типичным именно Киси: цитрусовые, груша, белые цветы, нектарин, цедра апельсина, чуть аниса, специи. Умеренный фруктовый вкус с мягкой кислотностью, минерально. Люблю и с большой нежностью всегда вспоминаю Кахетию, Алазанскую долину и г-на Дакишвили 🧡 — 15 days ago

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Guilliams Vineyards

Reserve Estate Bottled Spring Mountain District Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Just a wonderful wine . After breathing for 2 hours it was glorious. — 5 days ago

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Smith Madrone

Spring Mountain District Riesling

This was out of a huge bottle . Wonderful gift from the winery! Thank you — 9 days ago

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These are great!

Weinlaubenhof Kracher

Grande Cuvee #7 Trockenbeerenauslese Nouvelle Vague 2002

I don’t know how to rate this wine. Faint dry aroma. Intense fruit , dried raisin, almost sherry like. Deep dark coffee color. Sweet from beginning to end. Very long mouth filling finish. Sticky almost syrup . Not my cup of tea but obviously a very special wine. — 10 days ago

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Hall Wines

Stags Leap District Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

We had the 2013 Vintage on 7/25/20. A well balanced, fruit forward, full bodied wine. Tastes of blackberry and blueberry. More akin to the Napa floor as opposed to Stags Leap. — 9 days ago

Philip Togni Vineyard

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2001

Grilled NY strip night in Oregon. Another 2001 Napa. Deep blackberry, black currant, highly structured, just now approachable. This is old Napa style, great now but will last another ten years at this level. The — 13 days ago

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Wow, nice pull Joe!

Domaines des 7 chemins

cuvée délice crozes hermitage Syrah 2018

Domaines des 7 chemins Jérôme et Rémy Buffière cuvée délice crozes hermitage rouge 2018

There is bacon here, and blackberry, pepper. This is great. The palate is well designed with a strong acid, some blackberry along with a milky mouthfeel (malo?), some tannins kicking up a notch, blackberry and pepper in the finish. This is a good crozes, really
— 5 days ago

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Canberra District Riesling 2010

Mid Lemon in colour. More Lime juice than the recently tasted Crawford River. A slight paraffin note also. On the palate lime and grapefruit of medium plus intensity with medium minus acidity. The merest hint of stone fruit. Cruising at 10 years of age and could go on for a couple more years. My last one from 2010. — 4 days ago

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Cain Vineyard & Winery

Cain Five Spring Mountain District Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2006

Caine 5, 2006. Color - dark crimson red and murky. Red plum pine and menthol on the nose floating with sweet age perfume and florals. An initial sweet plum blackberry flavor —soft and elegant. Tobacco cigar peppery long finish lingers on the taste buds bringing about the spices and milk chocolate on finish adding a satisfying and wonderful overall experience with the wine. — 18 days ago

Karin BlazonaJill Young
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Spring Mountain District Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

Shay A

A socially distanced night catching up with friends while enjoying some fun wines. Posting what I was able to get pics of!

Served blind and decanted for about two hours. You could tell it was starting to shed some fruit as the oak tannin was fairly stiff, while accompanied by dark fruits but also a lot of floral and earthy notes. Fresh potpourri, lavender, ripe blue and black fruits, and a touch of fig to show its age. The ripe profile on the palate had me thinking 2007 vintage and the big structure meant it had to be from one of Napa’s mountain AVAs. There is a streak of graphite/mineral down the palate with added dark fruits, dark cocoa, and grilled plums. Integrated but very powerful at this stage. Thanks
@joe leatherwood .
— 22 days ago

joe leatherwoodDan FitzgeraldWeston Eidson
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