Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company

RØD Herbal Tea with White Blend 1561

This is a great product to celebrate in style with people who don’t drink alcohol. My wife tried it first at Embla restaurant in HK. Then we got it for our anniversary — 5 months ago


SpontanPineapple Belgian Fruit Lambic Style Beer

Antique gold with a tinge of pink gold shows an almost gelatinous opacity while flaunting a snowy cap. Pineapple leached of its rich sweetness meets the mouth evenly, and turns quickly to grapefruit pith, nectarine, sour orange, sour plum, salted lemon pulp and ruby grapefruit. All around a refreshingly tart take on the lambic style. Highly recommended for the hottest summer you got. — 3 years ago

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Mastodon Mother Puncher Passionfruit Farmhouse IPA

A hazy honey of an ale in antique gold with a quick cloud of beige froth, then just big bubbles popping to the tune of pond life. Veggie nose of sweet carrot, yellow squash, and white mushroom, pushing away grapefruit and lime. Sour orange, lemon marmalade and orange bread with kumquats, green mangoand quince softly padding after. Mined salts, clementine sections, beet greens and white pepper linger. This is a refreshing, versatile IPA that would love to play with your food. Mind your manners! — 4 years ago

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Dansk Mjød

Viking Blod Honey Mead

This Danish Mead is a delicious dessert wine! It’s similar to port with a nice honey flavor. I prefer it to port wine. It’s something you can pour over vanilla ice cream, fruit, add to a hot cup of tea or sip over ice! My Viking ancestors were calling to me to give it a try. I am always looking for white wine with notes of honey and now I know why! Skål!! — 2 years ago


Arh Hvad?! Belgian Ale

Offering a color between iced tea and cream soda and a cottony head with active wellsprings, and adhesion like shaving soap that slowly unravels to spun sugar pile linings. A nose of raspberries, dried and plump, balsamic peppers, a yeasty barnya. rd echo, blood orange entwined with cherries atop a cedar plank. There is a grilled brackish eel skin, pepper and bright citrus keeping it all diurnal. Grape leaves around peeled, ripe, white grapefruit, bing cherry, blood orange, tangerine, lime seeds, bay leaf, lemon verbena and broken orange pekoe. — 3 years ago


Taffel Akvavit

The Akvavit I’ve been looking for!!! This one is intense and refreshing at the same time. A wonderful expression of the form. Glad I bought 2 bottles. — 5 years ago

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Late Bottled Kirsebaer

Deep and velvety red fruit. Excellent on its own, even better with bittersweet chocolate pots de creme. — 2 years ago


Nelson Sauvin Brut Belgian Wild Ale

French bubbling onion broth, with fungal asymmetry the partnering haberdasher’s cheese motif, and pictographs and hieroglyphic bubble letters the font-lacing. Caramel-orange and yeast with hibiscus and dried lotus slices. There is a peppermint coolness to the backnote and a clean, bok choy sweetness. Tastes of caramel and verdelho-Madeira, and lemon, orange and grapefruit interplay mutating into a cilantro and Vidalia, that ultimately return to the yeast, with marigold petals swimming in a malt and hop extravaganza. #mikkeller #nelsonsauvin #dryhopped #deproefbrouwerij #beer #bier #birra #biere #cerveza — 3 years ago

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Reserve Kirsebaer

Dessert wine awesome with dark choc — 5 years ago