Copenhagen, Denmark

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Can 02

Different. Carbonated mix of vacuum-distilled beet molasses and Belgian saison yeast spirit, sour cherry, black currant buds, young pine cones, walnut wood, keemun black tea and macaw pepper. Made on Copenhagen, Denmark. — 19 days ago

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High Paradise White Blend

Savagnin, Chardonnay, and Garganega. One may think we’re now in France but you’d be wrong. Definitely one of my favorite producers from Adelaide Hills - “Manon” - and a proud moment to see the gems coming out of Australia. No added sulfites, shipped all the way from Australia to Copenhagen and it’s stable and powerful and bursting with character. Medium bodied, good minerality, a welcomed velvety texture with nice acidic balance. Notes of kiwi, pear, orange peel and delicate floral notes. Although I’m an advocate of drinking good wine whenever and wherever you get the chance, I’d have to say this is a food wine. I suggest a simple pesto pasta or any type of seafood, really. Available at Rosforth in Copenhagen. — 3 months ago

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Off Color Brewing

Hell-Broth Wild Ale

Great wild ale collaborative creation. Off Color brewing & Amager out of Denmark. Proper! — 6 months ago

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A Change of Heart Kékfrankos

Ruby red color with red pepper and rose on the nose. Rose, on the nose... is as delightful as it sounds. Savoury, medium bodied with a well balanced lip-puckering-give-me-more acidity. A bright, easy going, stable wine to throw on the table at anytime. Your friends will love it. Sounds like the perfect boyfriend. Happy to have a little splash of Hungary in my little Copenhagen kitchen. Köszönöm to Vin de Table 🇭🇺 — 5 days ago

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Pinot Précoce 2013

Nice round and a touch og oak — 3 months ago

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George! Imperial Stout

Good brownie mix — 5 months ago

Lisanne van Son & Benjamin Serer

Hasta la Vizsla Pétillant Naturel White Blend 2018

Great pet nat. Picked it up in Copenhagen. — 7 months ago

Dominio de Pingus

Flor de Pingus Ribera del Duero Tempranillo 2017

Produced by Peter Sisseck, of Denmark, arrived in Spain in 1993 to manage a new project and thought about the old vines around the Ribera del Duero. By the 1995 vintage, Peter had found ancient vineyards that inspired him to make "Pingus," after childhood nickname. Deep Ruby, concentrated dark fruit aromas with gently smoky notes. On the palate cherry and plum flavors, sweet vanilla spice, well balanced, soft warming tannins, long ending with slight oaky tones. Very Nice! — 5 days ago

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Late Bottled Kirsebaer

Deep and velvety red fruit. Excellent on its own, even better with bittersweet chocolate pots de creme. — 4 months ago

Agricola Macatho

Tinajacura Guarilihue Alto Cinsault Carignan 2017

Superb. Medium bodied, dark rose petals, a little earth, and obvious smoke on the nose. Don’t fear, not an overuse of sulfur. Turns out there were fires in this region right before harvest. The memory of which has stuck to the skins and found its way into my mouth in Copenhagen. The beautiful travels and history that’s held within a bottle. Pair with something Ottolenghi and you’re in for a good night. — 5 months ago

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