Claudio Mariotto

Azienda Agricola Cornarea

Roero Arneis 2018

2018 organic wine, creamy pear @ Da Claudio — 7 months ago

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Il Conventino

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Sangiovese 2015

Delivered from Da Claudio during Coronavirus so it’s extra special. Plus it’s organic — a year ago

Giacomo Fenocchio

Bussia Barolo Nebbiolo 2014

Claudio now taken from father Giacomo. His fav is the Bussia this one 40di skin contact and reserva 90di. Really soften out and now waiting for the fruit and soil complexity to show off in another 8 years or so — 3 years ago

Fattoria Dianella

Il Matto Delle Giuncaie Sangiovese

Earthy yet light. At Da Claudio, 2015. I need to buy this! — 3 months ago

Boggione Claudio

Brunate Barolo Nebbiolo 2011

Lovely nose. Wet forest floor, leaves, mushroom, black pepper, cassis, balsamic, black fruit fruit leather. The more it sits in the glass the more the balsamic comes through. It’s nice. The balsamic lingers on the tongue. It went really well with steak on night 1 and pork on night 2. — 7 months ago

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Claudio de Maria

Barbaresco Nebbiolo 1970

Marc S

Barbaresco. Still good! Clear and tasteful soft caramel hidden in thin tutti-fruty — a year ago

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Jeroen Koenen

Jeroen Koenen

Of course, I meant: which vintage was This wine?
Marc S

Marc S

Jeroen Koenen

Jeroen Koenen

Okay! 😀
I believe I also have one or two bottles of this 70 in the cellar. Glad to see it survived the test of time.

Claudio Alario

Sori' Costa Fiore Diano d'Alba Dolcetto

Aroma of blackberries you know will have tartness. Tannins hit you in the face, then the tartness comes through. A leather, tobacco, tar flavor lingers on your palette. Medium body — 4 months ago

Claudio Mariotto

Braghe da uve di freisa 2016


Really lovely expression of Freisa. Incredibly fresh but with really attractive earthy, smoky element to the black/sour cherry fruit. Best served with a slight chill on a warm day. — 9 months ago

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Claudio Plessi Castelnuovo

Tàsca Vino Rosato

Clear as a bell. Fruity nose — 3 years ago

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