Clarksburg, Central Valley

Pine Ridge Vineyards

Clarksburg Chenin Blanc-Viognier Blend 2020

Really nice chenin blanc and viognier blend. Pleasant acidity, almost a little sparkly with light minerals. — 6 days ago

Union Sacré

Belle de Nuit Central Coast Gewürztraminer 2019

Chasing my chaotic self-administered pandemic hair chopping with a Gewurtz from Arroyo Seco which seems to me apropos as I imagine the region as wind-swept and tousled. This wine is not so much and that is a good thing. All is in harmony. There is just the right amount of everything and it hits you in order—the lychees are followed by a green lawn leading to the flower garden full of roses and gardenias all spirited along by a nice amount of acid and powered by a prickling tannin. I’m not normally the biggest Gewurtz fan but I’d reach for this a second time. I’d maybe even pair it with a “hard to pair” thing like artichoke. Something about the floral nature of both I think could line up. Is that crazy? Maybe. But this is coming from someone who just used her kitchen scissors to give herself an intentionally asymmetrical haircut. — 16 days ago

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Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Ellen Clifford

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@Paul T- Huntington Beach doing my best here! 😂

Sandlands Vineyards

Lodi Zinfandel 2018

Alder Yarrow

I’m on vacation, so the afternoon demands a glass of something good. This is my first taste of a Sandlands Zinfandel from @ownrooted, who I always assumed was contractually barred from bottling Zin under his own label. Wonderfully fresh and bright with blackberry and boysenberry fruit and a hint of green herbs and black pepper. Fantastic acidity and the faintest of tannins. At 14.4% most CA Zin producers would have said it ain’t ripe, but that’s why it’s got that gulpable, juicy brightness. A perfect afternoon refresher. — 10 days ago

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Jay Kline

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@Alder Yarrow it might be the best Zinfandel I’ve had from Lodi. It’s certainly right up there

Jeff Rundquist

Salman Vineyard R Petite Sirah

Great wine... enough said! — 3 days ago

Margins Wine

Measure Zero Sparkling Chenin Blanc Blend 2019

pears, a bit of alcohol on the nose? perhaps it needs a moment to warm up — 23 days ago

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Michael David Winery (Michael & David Phillips)

Freakshow Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon

Color of dark purple, a bit grayish. Nose of cocoa, dark fruits like cherry jam, blackberry, a bit spice and vanilla, and strength of alcohol. Nose is quite sweet. Taste follows the nose with addition of peppery note, ripe grapes, pine needles, and low in tannins. Quite smooth. Aftertaste of some more lingering mineral note and peppery note. Decent. — a day ago

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Sur Andino

Ungrafted Vines Cabernario No 8 Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

This is a bold Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile. Still young and would be better in 3 to 5 years.

Showing black and red fruits with earth, wood, spices, peppercorn, chocolates, tobacco, vegetables and bitter herbs.

Dry on the palate with medium plus acidity.

Easy drinking with a nice mouthfeel. Spicy and tasty.

This Single Vineyard is good by itself and better with food.

100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

14% alcohol by volume.

89 points.

— 10 days ago

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Kunin Wines

Pape Star Central Coast Red Rhone Blend 2016

A nice dark cherry red color with a wide brim. The nose opens up with some nice spice and green earth. Plenty of funk and fun on display here. Dense moss and forest woodland screams before the bright red fruits show up to play. The floral aromatics really set this one off.

45/30/25 of Grenache, Mourvèdre, and Syrah, this is a Central Coast take on Chateauneuf du Pape and baby, it works. It’s a gentle onslaught of goodness. Mounds and mounds of bright, fresh fruits come in waves. Wild strawberry, red cherry, and raspberry. A hint of dark chocolate with menthol and more greenery. It seems like people don’t know how good these are and that’s a crying shame. Beautiful wine and so hard to beat.
— 5 days ago

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Estate Grown San Bernabe Vineyard La Grande Majeste Pinot Noir 2018

Monterey is my new respite from the world. Their wines...well for starters quality for price. But also my goodness the subregions are as nuanced as Burgundy I know I’m committing wine crime.
Anyway this is quite ripe. Rather ripe. There is some fun oak.
You’ll probably overshare with it.
— 3 days ago

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Ellen Clifford

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Haaaa oh I see a typo. Or are you doubting my analysis of Monterey? I’ve had some rather wines from there recently...
Ellen Clifford

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@Paul T- Huntington Beach because typos or my used run on memories or just enthusiasm for an under-heightened region?