Clarksburg, Central Valley


Clarksburg Chenin Blanc 2017

This is the barrel- fermented Chenin Blanc very subtle and elegant, quite different from a Vouvray — 10 days ago

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David L

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Very much enjoy this wine. Price point is just right for an every day drinker. Cheers

David Akiyoshi

Vinologie Miller Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Mr. Akiyoshi’s single-vineyard Clarksburg Cabernet is a triumph. It is a big red, but smooth and sophisticated enough to be a solid cocktail wine. It has bright cherry and plum fruits laid expertly over a complex tannic finish, showcasing the Miller bros. unique terroir. — 22 days ago

West of Temperance

Heringer Estates Vineyard Teroldego 2015

Excellent and interesting new world T’go. — a month ago

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Pine Ridge Vineyards

Clarksburg Chenin Blanc-Viognier Blend 2013

Oh my God! I actually love a wine that is around $14. I am so impressed. You can’t stop drinking it, it is so good. I sucked down a bottle all myself. — 3 days ago

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Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

I just had this 2 nights ago, no post just popped & poured.
Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

I also drank the whole bottle since I woke up at 2:00am & couldn’t back to sleep

Bogle Vineyards

Clarksburg Chardonnay 2017

Lovely, smooth, oaky wine, decent length. Wine tasting night — 21 days ago

nick white
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Clarksburg Moscato 2018

This Moscato is slightly sweet but not overly so. Honey, sweet peaches, apples, and pears dominate. The finish is lingering and silky. This is a great “gateway wine” for induction of newbies into the Cult of Bacchus 😈🍷🥂 — a month ago

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Reserve Clarksburg Sur Lie Aged Chardonnay 2015

This rich white wine is steeped in fresh-baked apple pie flavors with hints of spice from David’s choice of oak and a fullness brought out by aging. A bright, lively finish makes this a perfect food-friendly wine. Pair it up with savory chicken and fettuccine in a creamy cheese sauce.
Served with Roasted corn pesto tagliatelle
— 16 days ago

Dry Creek Vineyard

Clarksburg Dry Chenin Blanc

Apple, pithy lemon, grapefruit, peach and limestone. Racy acidity and great minerality. — 14 days ago

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Clarksburg Petite Sirah 2017

Nice fruity petite sirah. — 16 days ago

Sine Qua Non

Le Chemin Vers L'Heresie Grenache 2015

Shay A

I had the ‘15 counterpart, the Syrah, about a year ago and was shocked at how accessible it was. This isn’t as open, but it’s not far off. The bottle was poured blind to a group of 5-7 of us. I called this 5yr old SQN Grenache. For my taste, nobody in the new world can do Grenache like Manfred. Seductively aromatic and spice driven, showing cracked black pepper, spicy rhubarb and red fruits with herbs de Provence. Lifted profile due to the use of whole cluster. Great acidity. The dominant notes of red fruits are highlighted by just a touch of blue and black fruits, with dark cocoa, potpourri and cherry jerky. A baby, but a glimpse at a monster in 5-7yrs. Thank you @Keith Fisher . — 2 days ago

Dan Fitzgerald
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Bryan Kesting

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@Shay A : agreed...great stuff.